Worst Things To Eat In EPCOT in 2023

Spaceship Earth, EPCOT
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EPCOT is foodie heaven. Where else do you get to travel around the world in one afternoon? At this point, there has to be hundreds of articles written about the absolute best places in eat in EPCOT, what to eat during this festival, what to eat during that festival. What about what not to eat? We got you covered with our top five things that you should definitely avoid in EPCOT.

Eating at EPCOT should not be cafeteria style

Credit: Disney

1. Cheese Flatbread with Pasta Salad at Sunshine Seasons

Why bother getting a cheese flatbread at Sunshine Seasons when you can walk to the Italy pavilion and get some real freshly made pizza? Now, this is a great option for your picky eater kids, don’t get us wrong but there are so many better options to get at EPCOT other than a flatbread pizza you can easily get at your resort food court. We’re in EPCOT, we gotta do better!

2. Southwestern Burger at Connections Eatery

This is a massive artesian burger here at Connections Eatery. If you are craving some southeastern fare, why not head over to the Mexico pavilion and get yourself some nachos and street corn there? If you want a really good burger, head over to Regal Eagle in the American pavilion.

3. Prime Rib at Coral Reef Restaurant

Ok, the prime rib at Coral Reef Restaurant is actually really tasty. Why then did it make our list? Well if you are looking for your beef intake, is a restaurant that specializes in fish and have you literally sitting next to a gigantic fish tank your best option? If you are eating at Coral Reef dare we say opt for a fish option. If you really want that red meat, the Canada pavilion is screaming your name.

The infamous turkey leg

Credit: Insider

4. Turkey Leg at Fife and Drum Tavern

Disney World foodies fall into two teams, you have the people who love a good turkey leg and then people who despise the infamous treat. While we do not hate the turkey leg, you just are better off getting it at Magic Kingdom where there are not as many amazing food options. If you want smoked meat, literally in the same pavilion just steps away is Regal Eagle where all your smokey fantasies can come true.

The most beautiful fish and chips you have ever seen

Credit: Disney Dining

5. Fish and Chips at Rose and Crown Dining Room

The fish and chips and Rose and crown Dining Room are really good. Some of the best we ever had. So why is it on a worst list? Well, you can get fish and chips in the UK pavilion at the quick service location Yorkshire Fish Shop. Faster. Cheaper. Still delicious.

BONUS: Beverly at Club Cool.

If you know, you KNOW. ‘Nuff said.

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