“You’re Just Another Guest”: Fans Call Out “Disney Adults” Park Behavior

Disney Adult Behavior

At the end of the day, there are two types of Guests found inside a Disney Theme Park, those who self-identify or are labeled as “Disney Adults,” and those who are not. And it appears that the latter are getting a little tired of what “Disney Adults” think of themselves and expect to be treated in the Theme Parks–particularly the negative commentary.

One people who voiced this opinion to several agreeable commenters was TikTok user @mr_nick_wilde, who shared his “controversial” viewpoints in a video with the caption, “guests and fans are ruining the park experience and refuse to blame themselves cause they expect too much out of their vacations.”

Check it out:


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“I am not comfortable with the way other Disney fans and Disneyland Guests have been portraying the Parks recently… ever since you-know-who became CEO,” he  said, referring to Disney CEO Bob Chapek. “I’m not obsessed with the Disney CEO like all of these other Disney fans are because I don’t pay attention to him. Because all I want to do as a Disney fan is just have a great time with family and friends whenever I’m in the Parks.”

It could be argued the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts–especially Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World Resort–have been under a microscope since they reopened after the Covid-19 pandemic with a new CEO and new policies, like replacing FastPass with Genie+ and Lightning Lane and the Theme Park Reservation System. And there has been a labor shift regarding Cast Members.

Lightning Lane

Credit: Disney

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“I feel like these so-called problems are being created by the Disneyland Guests and the fans themselves,” he continued. “Say if a couple of your favorite attractions are broken down, or they’re just not operating for the day. So how about don’t dwell on it and go to other attractions that happen to be open? There’s plenty of other attractions that are open for you to enjoy. You have no idea what their maintenance staffing is like behind the scenes. You’re just another Guest. So why are you assuming that their maintenance team is absolutely terrible at doing their job?”

He then goes after those who complain about the price hikes that Disneyland and Disney World have experienced lated.

“Then there’s this completely unrealistic ideology that lowering the prices in the Parks will suddenly make everything better. The reality check is that it actually won’t make anything better,” he said. “If the overcrowding situation is terrible now, go ahead and see what would happen.”

Others chimed in to add that they have had wonderful times in the Theme Parks, even with the less-than-appreciated changes.

We at Disney Fanatic are no stranger to sharing how Guests expressed themselves regarding their dissatisfaction in how the Theme Parks are being operated, and have been sharing all sides of this ongoing discussion. There is an insistance that there is a “less than magical element” and there are others who insist, like this TikToker did, if an overfilled trash is enough to ruin your experience, find a different trash can.

Disneyland Park/Disney

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Among the massive amounts of negativity, there is a lingering question: which of the problems are actual problems that negatively affect a Theme Park business and which simply come from a place of “Disney Adult” passion? Or should we all just stop looking for problems, give all Cast Members the benefit of the doubt, and make the most of our Disney Days?

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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