10 Pros and Cons of Disney’s Value Resorts

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Budgeting is a huge part of planning a Disney trip for most park goers. Once of the most common ways guests like to save money is with hotels. This leads to them to choose amongst Disney’s value resorts. There are pros and cons to every resort, so here are the pros and cons of Walt Disney World’s Value Resorts!


10. Lesser Quality Beds

If you’re used to your top of the line mattress from home, you’ll be sad to hear that you may wake up with back pain in the morning after staying at any of the value resorts. Don’t get me wrong, the mattresses aren’t like sleeping on a sheet of wood, but they aren’t the most comfortable. I usually bring a small mattress topper to sleep on so that I sleep comfortably when I stay at a value resort.

9. Food Courts

This can be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it. Some families enjoy a variety of food at an affordable price for every single meal (which would make this a pro). The issue is the quality of the food at the value resorts isn’t as great as that of the moderate and deluxe properties. In addition, the moderate and deluxe properties also include various restaurants to enjoy, while the value resorts only have one food court where breakfast, lunch, and dinner is served. If you’re looking to have a finer dining experience and you’re staying at a value resort, you’ll want to either head over to a restaurant at another resort or enjoy your meal at the park restaurants.

8. Misleading Suite Pricing

The Art of Animation is the newest of the value resorts. It is also the only value resort with three buildings filled with family suites that sleep up to 6 guests. While this may sound fantastic for families on a tight budget, it is very misleading. The suites at the Art of Animation can range anywhere from $350 and higher (without a discount if applicable). Many would agree that this price range is not what we would call ‘value’. Many families willing to spend this amount per night are better off staying at a moderate or deluxe resort, or even in a suite off property.

7. Spread Out

While this applies to a few moderate resorts as well, the buildings in the value resorts are very spread out, making it time consuming to travel around the property. If you do not specify that you want a preferred room, chances are you will be in a building far away from the main lobby, food court, bus pick-up area, laundry room, and main pool. If you have no issues with walking around, this won’t be a problem, however guests with disabilities or issues with walking, or those that just prefer to be closer may want to consider paying a little extra for a preferred room.

6. Troubled Cell Phone Service & Wi-Fi Issues

Many guests have complained about the issues with the Wi-Fi or phone service at the value resorts. Sometimes the spotty service can be a pain if you’re trying to make a phone call or use social media. I have often had to use my own data because of how spotty the service is. The good news is that I have heard from many cast members that they are working on improving this in the near future!


5. Great Pools

The pools at the value resorts are amazing! Not only are they very large, they are decorated with thematic elements that infuse that special Disney magic we all love. The Art of Animation main pool is probably a fan favorite amongst the value resorts. Not only is it the single largest pool in any Walt Disney World resort, but it was also designed to include speakers under water so you can hear your favorite Disney songs under water! It’s truly an immersive experience! All Disney resorts also have enthusiastic cast members at every pool that play great music and entertain the kids with trivia and pool games for almost the entire day! At night, you can also enjoy a movie under the stars as part of your Disney resort experience.

4. Resort Perks

The perks offered to all guests that stay at Disney Resorts are all the same regardless of where you stay. When staying at a value resort, you’ll get to enjoy complimentary WI-FI, Extra Magic Hours, Movies Under the Stars, MagicBands, and shuttles to all four theme parks, water parks, and Disney Springs. Not to mention, you’ll get early access to your fast passes before the general public!

3. Great For Saving Money

If you’re on a tight budget but you don’t want the magic to end when you leave the park, value resorts are the way to go! You are more likely to save more money here for many reasons. For starters, all of the meals or a la carte items at the food court are classified as $ ($14.99 or less per person). This means you are guaranteed to spend the least amount of money on dining because moderate and deluxe resorts offer restaurants that are higher per person. In addition to that, you will save money on a rental car and gas because Disney busses are ready and waiting to take you to and from the airport and all around the Walt Disney World property for free. Not to mention you’ll save at least $20 per day on parking at the parks! These are just a few things that can help you with pinching your pennies!

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2. Thematic Elements

The value resorts are the best for kids. We all know that Disney pays specific attention to detail in each of their resorts and their theming is consistent in each element from the state rooms to the lobby to the food at the restaurants to the color schemes to the architecture and even the plants that surround each resort. One thing that the value resorts have that the moderate and deluxe resorts don’t have is larger than life statues of the most beloved Disney characters all throughout the property.

Each building is also themed differently so you can enjoy a theme (and character statues) change after passing each building. The décor of these resorts is geared more towards the little ones because it isn’t as ‘sophisticated’ as the more deluxe resorts. The kids will enjoy being in the magic and spirit of the Disney films and enjoy the music and décor all throughout the resorts!

1. Pricing

The most common reason guests choose to stay at value resorts are to take advantage of their low rates. Overall, Pop Century, Art of Animation, and All Star resorts all offer relatively lower rates than any other Disney owned hotel on property. Since you’re still able to stay in the magic after leaving the parks and experience all of the perks of staying at a Disney World resort, it’s worth checking out when you’re on a budget or would rather spend your money on other things such as dining, tours, special events, or tickets.

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