10 Rides You Don’t Necessarily Need A FastPass For At Walt Disney World

It's Tough To Be A Bug
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There are so many rides and attractions at Walt Disney World, so you might want to know in advance which ones you may or may not need to reserve Fast Passes for. I have listed some that usually do not have long wait times.

1. Mickey’s PhilharMagic — Magic Kingdom — Fantasyland —This delightful attraction is a 3D concert experience, featuring an outstanding combination of audio-animatronic classic Disney characters and 3D film animation. The storyline, music, and 3D effects will amuse children and adults alike. The stunning Fantasyland Concert Hall seats 483 guests, and upon entering the theater each guest will receive their 3D opera glasses to further enhance their concert experience. Mickey’s PhilharMagic attraction is a perfect way to escape the heat of the sun and chill for a little while and enjoy a very entertaining show. Since the theater holds almost 500 guests, there is seldom a long line, and the showtimes are listed, so you can easily plan to get there before a line begins forming.

2. Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor — Magic Kingdom — Tomorrowland — The whole family will enjoy this comical performance by audio-animatronic characters like Mike Wazowski as the Master of Ceremonies of a comedy club located in the Laugh Factory of Monstropolis along with other monsters featured in the Disney full length film, Monsters, Inc. The large indoor theater can hold up to 400 guests. Monsters of all shapes and sizes take to the stage to perform their version of a stand-up comedy, with the skeptical manager, Roz, supplying her harsh criticism. Audience participation is encouraged during question and answer segment with Mike Wazowski interacting with guests as their images are projected on a large screen above the stage. It is really quite funny to watch the expressions and surprised looks on the faces of audience members chosen to be on the big screen. Because of the size of the Theater, there is seldom a need for a Fast Pass for this attraction.

3. Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress — Magic Kingdom — Tomorrowland —This classic attraction was personally created by Walt Disney himself for the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. After the World’s Fair, it was moved to Disneyland and remained there until 1973, then it was later moved to Walt Disney World in 1975, where it is still entertaining thousands of guests daily. The attraction takes place inside a theater where the audience seating area revolves around a stationary central stage, from act to act, like a carousel. Each act consists of state-of-the-art audio-animatronic human figures demonstrating man’s advancements in technology and how they have changed over the past 100 hears. It is a look at how far man has come in the development and progress of new and innovative ways to make family living much more efficient and enjoyable. Take a load off and enjoy this original, classic Disney attraction. The lines here are seldom very long.

4. Dumbo, the Flying Elephant — Magic Kingdom — Fantasyland — Most of us remember the memorable classic Disney full-length animated feature, Dumbo, about an elephant whose ears were so huge, he could fly. Well, here’s your chance to experience Dumbo’s flight by climbing aboard a vehicle in the shape of Dumbo, and at Walt Disney World there are two sets of rotating Dumbos. You can control the upward/downward movement of your ride vehicle by moving the handle inside, enabling you to fly high or low as you circle around the beautifully designed structure in the middle. What is unique about this ride, other than the pure joy of the ride itself, is the circus-themed play area where little guests can pass the time while awaiting their turn to fly with Dumbo. A pager you receive when you enter the queque lets you know when its your turn to ride. On this attraction, parents often welcome any wait time so they can relax while watching their children enjoy their playtime in this fun-filled Circus arena.

5. It’s a Small World – Magic Kingdom — Walt Disney was a part of the multi-national celebration and parade to dedicate the grand opening of this attraction in May of 1966 at Disneyland Park in California. After its debut at the New York World’s Fair in 1964/65 and its enormous popularity, Disney moved the attraction to Disneyland and held a gala parade and dedication with various dignitaries and over 500 children in their native costumes, representing countries from all over the world. He was extremely proud of this first-of-its-kind attraction.

On October 1, 1971, a version of It’s A Small World opened at Walt Disney World as one of the original attractions, and is still operating today. It is a very iconic ride that most guests visit at least once on every visit to WDW. I know it has become a tradition with our family, and a visit to Walt Disney World is not complete until we have experienced the music, colorful scenery, and audio-animatronic children from so many different countries in their elaborate native costumes. There is really no need for a Fast Pass since the boats you board are constantly moving and can hold about a dozen guests, so the line keeps moving.

6. Journey Into Imagination With Figment — Epcot — Futureworld – This is a slow moving ride indoor ride, where the storyline takes you through Dr. Channing’s Sensory Lab where he demonstrates through different experiments how the five senses capture the imagination. Along the way, a small adorable purple dragon joins the tour and creates havoc by interfering with the experiments, causing many delightful surprises that will amuse and entertain the audience. Through film and audio animatronics, Figment comes to life and amuses and entertains guests with his hilarious antics. This is one of those attractions that is appropriate for the whole family, but is not as popular as the fast-moving thrill rides, so you really don’t need to reserve a Fast Pass.

7. The Great Movie Ride — Hollywood Studios — This iconic attraction highlights some of the best of Hollywood’s finest films through creative audio-animatronics, music, and awesome movie scene recreations. It is a slow ride on a rather large vehicle, accompanied by a host cast member who describes each movie scene with some historical facts. The uniqueness about this attraction is the cast member interacting with the audience. Halfway through the ride cast members join in the action by leaving the vehicle while another cast member takes over, then eventually the original host returns and rejoins the guests. It’s entertaining and keeps the audience wondering what’s next. While this is a unique look at the history and glory of Hollywood motion pictures, it is not a ride that attracts large crowds; other than special events and holidays.

8. It’s Tough To Be A Bug — Animal Kingdom — This very unique indoor, underground theater production is located at the base of the Tree of Life. The production is a unique combination of a 3D film (3D glasses are provided) and audio-animatronics. Through the use of high-tech special effects and humorous situations with all sorts of bugs, the world of insects comes to life, and the host of this lively show is Flik, star of Disney’s full length film, A Bug’s Life. The beautifully designed theater can hold up to 430 guests, and the queque winds around the base of enormous Tree of Life, where you can search out all the different animals sculptures among the giant roots. Because the queque is longer than normal, and the theater seats so many guests, there really is no need for a Fast Pass.

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9. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin — Magic Kingdom — Adventureland — How about a ride on a magic carpet? Well, in Adventureland at Walt Disney World, you can do just that on this attraction, based on the Disney full length animated feature, Aladdin, As your enchanted carpet rises, you are in control of your flight. If you’re sitting in the front row, direct how high or low you fly by moving alever up or down. If you’re sitting in the back row, pressing a magic scarab will tip your flying carpet forward or backward. Enjoy the view of Adventureland as you soar above the crowd on this fun family-friendly ride. This is one of those charming rides that is not exactly a thrill ride, but a great escape from the crowds.

10. Muppet Vision 3D — Hollywood Studios —This attraction takes place in an indoor theater, hosted by Kermit the Frog who takes the audience on a tour of Muppet Studios, including a demonstration of their new breakthrough in 3D film technology. The whole show is presented in 3D and 4D animatronics, with an ample supply of 3D glasses for every audience member. It’s a delightful mixture of a 3D film and in-theater 4D special effects. This show is once again a fantastic way to beat the heat and the crowds while enjoying the Muppets at their best, creating hilarious situations and entertainment. Take a load off, enjoy the show, and don’t worry about securing a Fast Pass. The Theater holds quite a few guests, and the showtimes are posted.

Fast Passes are an excellent way to reduce your wait times, and make your Disney Parks visit even more magical, but there are some rides and attractions where a Fast Pass is usually not needed. There are, however, busy periods when even some of the rides on this list may need a Fast Pass. It all depends on what your family chooses as their favorites. Fast Pass or no Fast Pass, every visit to Walt Disney World will far exceed all your expectations.

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