10 Things Not to Do On A Disney Vacation

Main St. USA
Main St. USA

Your Disney vacation can be wonderful or… not so wonderful depending on your planning or lack thereof. We’ve pulled together a list of a few things you should not do on your Disney vacation.

10. Do not fail to research and plan ahead. Disney is not a day at the beach. It takes some level of forethought and planning. Do not end up at WDW aimlessly wandering around not knowing what to do next. Have a flexible, family-made daily plan for fun and a reasonable budget.

9. Do not buy Disney Souvenirs the first day in the park. Save it for a special time and note where a special item was. Impulse buying can break the bank. Keep receipts in case a child changes his mind. Also take a tip from the tooth fairy and gift the kids with something bought at home from a dollar store that can be a surprise from Mickey.

8. Do not automatically buy the Park Hopper Pass. Consider whether or not to buy a Park Hopper pass. If you have an idea of your itinerary , and will be staying four or more days, you can save money by enjoying one park each day. That means the whole party must agree. If you are eager to experience several rides & attractions more than once in more than one park, especially if your stay is a short one, buy the pass.

7. Do not book reservations for every meal. Cancelations at the last minute cost money You will find your time at WDW revolves around dining reservations. Choose one special ADR each day. This a good time to relax, regroup, and recoup..

6. Do not bring new shoes. Your most comfortable pair or two of walking shoes are your best friend as you walk the 8-10 miles a day. Flip flops are good for water rides and rainy days. Couch potatoes should also start walking weeks before going to WDW.

5. Do not fail to rest enough. Return to your room for a swim, nap, refreshing shower in the heat of the afternoon. Don’t want to leave the park? Then find a shady spot and take a power nap. Sleep in one morning and stay late at the Park. (High energy people disregard!).

4. Do not waste the time standing in line complaining. Talk with your family, play games, Speak to others around you and the time will go by faster.

3. Do not try to beat the crowd out at closing. You will miss the magic of the fireworks of Wishes, Illuminations, and Fantasmic WDW is especially magical at night.

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2. Do not fail to wash hands with soap and water as often as possible. Also, bring hand sanitizer and wipes, liquid band aid (or something for blisters), sunscreen, cheap plastic ponchos for rain, cash for tolls and tips, hat, sunglasses, water bottle, snacks, and PATIENCE.

1. Make A Note Do not forget to make a note or reminder in your smart phone of the things you would like to do, places to eat, shows to see next time during your visit to WDW.

Do you have any do’s or don’ts for your Disney trips? Share them in the comments below.

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