10 Tips For Making The Most Of A Rainy Day At Walt Disney World

Rainy Main Street USA

A damp day at Walt Disney World is still incredible. Don’t let a factor as fickle as the weather dictate the fun you have at Walt Disney World, follow these tips to make the most out of any weather at Walt Disney World.

10. Enjoy An Indoor Activity Like Bowling or The AMC Theatre.

For guests looking to escape a lingering rainy day, entertainment options at Disney Springs is the way to go. Visit Splitsville for bowling and gaming fun or catch a movie at the AMC Theatre to enjoy a movie. Disney Springs shopping and a day at Disney Quest indoor theme park are other great wet weather options.

9. Head Back To Your Room For A Rest During Afternoon Showers.

Brief afternoon showers are normal in Florida. Guests looking for a break during a park day can plan on spending time in their resort room napping and recharging for evening activities during the passing showers in the afternoon.

8. Track Showers On A Weather App.

Weather apps are a golden resource on a Disney vacation. By knowing when ugly weather is going to pop and tracking how long it will be in the area guests can strategically plan around the weather. During a day in Epcot my family loves to duck into Ellen’s Energy adventure to ride out a storm or save lunchtime at an indoor restaurant for the mid afternoon when we expect a shower.

7. Prepare Your Travel Party For the Possibly Of Rain.

As simple as this may sound, preparing your travel party for the possibility of inclement weather can do a lot to save time and group morale during a rainy park day. Speak to your family prior to the vacation about what the plan is in the event of rain or rough weather. If half your travel party refuses to continue a park day in the rain your plans will be thrown off quickly and feelings can get hurt. Speak to young children about the possibility of rain and the need to wear jackets or ponchos in the event of rain. Let them know that Disney World will still be tons of fun in the rain. A simple talk before you leave home could ward off tantrums later.

6. Catch Up On Shopping During Rain.

If you were already planning on doing some shopping, a rainy portion of the day is a great time to do it. So many shops on Main Street and in Hollywood Studios are connected allowing guests to browse between stores without going back out into the weather.

5. Duck Into A Show or Indoor Attraction to Escape Showers.

Covered shows and rides that have indoor ride lines and loading areas are a great way to escape the weather. Waiting for Pirates of the Caribbean or enjoying a show with the Country Bears or riding the covered River Boat are ways to enjoy a lengthy attraction, stay dry and wait out the rain.

4. Wear Comfortable but Quick Dry Shoes.

Obviously wearing comfortable shoes is a no brainer with all the walking you will be doing in the parks at Walt Disney World. Wearing well ventilated shoes is also a great idea to avoid soggy feet from rain and water rides.

3. Wear Quick Dry Clothing.

Because the Florida heat will likely have you dressing in layers anyway, wearing quick dry clothing is a great idea to quickly recover after getting drenched by rain. Comfy loose fit clothing is a great option to ensure you will be able to dry quickly.

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2. Pack Rain Jackets or Ponchos.

The best no brainer rain advice is of course to pack a rain jacket or poncho in your park bag. Thin, breathable rain jackets that fold into a pocket sized pouch are one of the best investments a Walt Disney World park guest will ever make. These light jackets are a lifesaver in the event of a downpour but don’t consume a crazy amount of space in your park bag. Disney rain ponchos are another great investment as they are much more durable than other types of ponchos and can be reused for future Disney vacations.

1. Let Your Sunny Attitude Brighten The Day.

The real key to dealing with a rainy day at Walt Disney World is having a great attitude and making the decision to have fun regardless of the weather. Some of the shortest attraction wait times and best Disney memories I have happened on a rainy day in the Magic Kingdom. Choose to look on the bright side and enjoy your vacation as fully as possible, regardless of variables like weather that are beyond your control.

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