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10 Tips for Planning a Great Trip to Epcot

Epcot Monorail

We love the two thematically difference experiences we can have when we visit Epcot. It is sometimes hard to choose between all of the different experiences in Future World and World Showcase that we usually try and schedule the most time at Epcot and we always adhere to the following ten tips for when we visit Epcot!

10 – FastPasses Are a Must – Epcot operates with a tiered FastPass system which requires guests to make decisions amongst popular attractions Soarin’ Around the World, Test Track, and Frozen Ever After. Decide with your group what is the most important attraction is and get a FastPass for this attraction. You can use your other two for the lower tier experiences, but those three attractions have some of the longest wait times in Disney World, so make sure to grab one for these rides!

9 – Wear Comfortable Shoes – between Future World and World Showcase, you can do a lot of walking – especially if you are dining and drinking around the world. Comfortable shoes are sure to make your trip a much more pleasurable.

8 – Make it for Rope Drop (or Extra Magic Hours) – since Epcot uses a tiered distribution system, we always try to get to Epcot early for rope drop (or stay late during EMH). The reason for this is because it lets us experience the other popular rides with a short wait time. We have been able to hit the park at rope drop and ride both Test Track and Soarin’ in the first forty-five minutes. Head to the attraction you don’t have a FastPass for first and then head to the second one (we always go for early FastPasses so we can try and get the additional FastPasses at the end of the day).

7 – Try Something New – with a a vast array of dining options open to guests, live on the edge and try sometime new. We pass up what we’ve had before in Canada and Mexico and love heading to Morocco or Japan for dinner, or even a quick snack. We love having the choice of grabbing a huge meal or just a snack at all of the countries – we only wish our waistlines were as accommodating as the World Showcase was!

6 – Walk Into Countries – you can miss a lot in the World Showcase if you just walk around the lagoon – take some time and head into the countries. You’ll be able to discover a wide selection of shopping, snacks, drinks, and restaurants. You can also find a variety of different cultural experiences and shows, too!

5 – Friendship Boats – towards the end of the day, we like grabbing a Friendship Boat across the World Showcase Lagoon or from the International Gateway to the nearby resorts or to Hollywood Studios. It is a great way to get around, see the sights from a different perspective and enjoy your time at Disney World!

4 – Use the International Gateway – if you are park-hopping or staying at an Epcot resort, be sure to use the International Gateway. Guests can make it into the park with a much shorter line and be deposited at everyone’s favorite place in Epcot – World Showcase! It is also handy if you are stopping by Epcot only to grab a bite at one the countries and will certainly save you from having to make a long walk from the front of the park.

3 – Schedule Special Events – Epcot is home to special events throughout the year. Be sure to schedule your trip during one of these times if you want to experience these fantastic events – Flower and Garden Festival, the Food and Wine Festival, the Summer Concert Series, or the Candlelight Processional. Be sure to check out one (or all four) of these events and check out any special activities during these times!

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2 – Don’t Forget IllumiNations – IllumiNations is a great end to the day at Epcot – we love grabbing a drink, a snack, and a spot to watch the show. Be sure to find your spot at least 45 minutes early because the show is very popular! There are rumors that the show is slated to be replaced soon, so enjoy it while you can!

1 – Cultural Experiences – while exploring all of the countries, be sure to soak in some of the cultural experiences – in some countries that could be a movie, performers, bands, or exhibits. You will definitely learn something and it enjoy your time doing so!

Epcot is our favorite park to visit on a trip and planning a day (or two) there can be tough, but use these ten tips and you will have a great time!

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