12 Essential Experiences You Should Have at Epcot’s Future World

Spaceship Earth

Epcot’s Future World is a wonderfully themed area of a very unique park. Although it has changed quite a bit over the years it has some amazing essential experiences that should not be missed. Here are my top 12 essential experiences you should have at Future World.

12. Eat at Garden Grill in The Land

The Land pavilion’s Garden Grill is a very unique counter service restaurant. The food that is served there is all grown fresh in the greenhouses located in the same pavilion. This it the ultimate way to eat fresh food.

11. Watch the Fountain of Nations water show

The Fountain of Nations is one of the best fountains in all of Walt Disney World. It is essential to catch one of the musical shows.

10. Ride Spaceship Earth

For any Disney nostalgic any attraction with audioanimatronics is a must ride; which holds true with Spaceship Earth. This is an essential ride every time I go to Epcot. There is nothing like getting to the top and seeing the stars shining on the roof with that classic music playing in the speakers.

9. Walk around at night

Walt Disney World is such a different theme park from day to night. It’s almost like having a completely different experience. Walking around Future World at night is truly wonderful. The glow from Spaceship Earth reflects on everything else, the sparkling pavement throughout and all the different pavilions lit up in there own unique way is magical indeed.

8. Take the Undiscovered Future World tour

This is a wonderful tour that really gets down to the origins of Epcot and Walt’s original vision for this park. This is an essential experience for any fan of Epcot’s Future World and Disney nostalgia. It is around 4 hours and includes some extensive walking so wear comfy shoes. Refer to the official website for more information on this amazing informative tour.

7. Eat at Coral Reef

Coral Reef is one of the most unique restaurants at Walt Disney World. It’s amazing to have one of the largest salt water aquarium’s in all the world right next to you while your dining. You might even catch a glimpse of a certain famous mouse doing some scuba diving!

6. Shop at Mousegear

I can remember in the early 90’s Mousegear was probably my favorite souvenir shop in all of Walt Disney World. I especially loved that it had 2 floors. Although it has changed somewhat over the years it is still one of my favorite shops to visit.

5. Ride Soarin

Soarin is such an amazing unique attraction in Future World and it is definitely an essential experience for any Disney fan. With a little bit of Disney magic you really feel as if you’re soaring over so many amazing places. You can actually feel the wind blowing in your face and get a whiff of citrus smells as you fly over an orange grove.

4. Ride Test Track

Test Track is one of only a couple of “thrill rides” in Future World. This is not the only reason that it is an essential experience. Just like every other attraction at Disney, the theming is phenomenal and make the attraction that much better.

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3. Watch Illuminations

With rumors swirling of an eventual replacement of Illuminations, watching this fantastic show should be high on the priority list while wondering around Future World. I include this one even though the view is better in World Showcase. It is a little bit of a different experience from the Future World side.

2. Play at the jumping fountains at Imagination Pavilion

Walt Disney World has many different water features throughout the resort. Epcot has some of the most unique! The jumping fountains near the entrance of Imagination are fun and interactive. Its makes for such a great time to watch kids and some adults try to alter the path of the water and only to get sprayed in the face!

1. Take a lot of pictures

One thing that is certain at Walt Disney World is that it is always changing and growing. For that reason it is very important to take lots and lots of pictures. You’re capturing history for future generations which is especially true in Epcot and Future World. Pictures are one of many ways to capture what is an ever changing wonderfully themed area of Walt Disney World.

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