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13 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Visit to Epcot


8. Don’t Skip IllumiNations If you love the nighttime fireworks spectaculars in the other parks, you won’t want to miss IllumiNations! This amazing show takes place in the World Showcase lagoon and offers amazing views no matter where you stand. Try finding a spot early, or make your dinner reservation at one of the restaurants along the water for dinner ...

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10 Fan Favorite Experiences in Epcot’s Future World


One of the two thematically different lands at Epcot, Future World is home to many experiences that guests have come to know and love! It is always difficult when we visit Epcot and only have a limited amount of time for us to decide what to do and what we have to save until the next time. If you are ...

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Top 5 Places to Eat in Epcot’s Future World

Coral Reef Restaurant

When heading to Epcot, people rarely think about Future World as where to go for premier dining. However, there are several dining locations that offer some great options for guests who are looking for a different experience than the restaurants located throughout the World Showcase. On your next trip, try one of our top five places to eat in Epcot’s ...

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10 Fabulous Things for Little Kids to do at Epcot

Future World Epcot

EPCOT often gets the reputation of being an “Adult Park” that doesn’t have enough to keep small children entertained. But my five-year-old twins consider EPCOT to be their favorite of the Disney Parks, and we’ve visited it more than any of the others! Here are ten reasons for the littlest explorers to love EPCOT. 1. KidCot Stops The World Showcase ...

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A Beginners Guide For Epcot’s Futureworld – 15 Tips You Should Know


If you’re planning your first visit to Walt Disney World, you may be a little confused by Epcot. Is it even a theme park? In a way, it’s actually two. The World Showcase gives you a glimpse in the culture of a few of our world neighbors. And Futureworld, as the name suggests, explores science, techology, and their possibilities for ...

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12 Essential Experiences You Should Have at Epcot’s Future World

Spaceship Earth

Epcot’s Future World is a wonderfully themed area of a very unique park. Although it has changed quite a bit over the years it has some amazing essential experiences that should not be missed. Here are my top 12 essential experiences you should have at Future World. 12. Eat at Garden Grill in The Land The Land pavilion’s Garden Grill ...

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7 Fantastic Places to Eat in Epcot’s Future World

Garden Grill

Epcot is Walt Disney World’s second theme park. It opened in October of 1982. Although it is not exactly what Walt Disney had imagined, it has proved to be one of the world’s most popular theme parks. When Walt Disney died in December of 1966, the Disney imagineers were unsure of what to do with Walt’s vision for EPCOT. Eventually, ...

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5 Epcot Futureworld Experiences For Your Bucket List

Walt Disney’s initial vision for EPCOT wasn’t an amusement park with rides and attractions. Rather, it was intended to be a giant “lab” of sorts – where titans of industry could come together to reshape urban development. Disturbed by what he saw as the decay of communities over time, Walt envisioned EPCOT as a large-scale project where citizens, as many ...

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5 Experiences in Epcot’s Future World That Are Ready For A Facelift

Imagination fountain

The problem with naming part of Epcot “Future World” is that the future is constantly catching up to the present. In order to maintain its futuristic relevance, experiences and attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort park need to change or risk becoming obsolete. A few changes have already been made over the years such as the reimagining of Test ...

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EPCOT’s Futureworld 101 – Rides And Attractions You Can’t Miss

EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). This was Walt Disney’s idea for a futuristic city of tomorrow. He wanted to see a community enriched with education, innovative technology, clean, efficient factories, and homes where families could enjoy living and working in a clean, safe environment. He envisioned a perfect city with public transportation and a multi-cultural civic center covered by ...

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