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I'm a 39-year father of two and blessed with the greatest family in the world. Along with my beautiful wife Kris (who is a fan of all things Disney), we have two precious daughters, Lauren (8) and Lindsey (6). We love spending time as a family watching Disney movies, traveling to Disney World, and visiting local farms and parks. I'm also a college football fanatic.

5 Things We Love About Cinderella’s Royal Table

Cinderella's Royal Table

Few things capture the essence of that Disney magic like Cinderella’s Royal Table. It is the experience that encompasses everything you think of when you think about Disney World and the legendary Disney movies. Here are 5 Things We Love About Cinderella’s Royal Table: 5. The Castle. The best things about Cinderella’s Royal Table has to start with Disney’s most ...

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You’ll Kick Yourself If You Don’t Have These Walt Disney World Experiences

Be Our Guest

While there are really no “bad” experiences at Disney World, some are just a little bit better than others. They are just a little more nostalgic. They bring a little more smile. They make just a little more memory. Here are eight experiences you’ll kick yourself if you don’t have at Disney World: 8. Main Street Electrical Parade. Disney World ...

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10 Experiences Your Child Will Love at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

The Disney experience was created to entertain people of all ages in their park. But lets face it, as much fun as it is, you derive the most pleasure from seeing the smile on your children’s faces. Here are 10 Experiences Your Child Will Love at Magic Kingdom: 10. Festival of Fantasy Parade. What child doesn’t love a good parade? ...

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7 Tips To Catching All The Best That Walt Disney World Has To Offer

Walt Disney World is no mom & pop amusement park. It is massive. Like San Fransisco massive. No, really. Disney World is 40 square miles. In other words, the exact same size as one of California’s top metropolitans. That reality is compounded by the amount of guests that the park accommodates at any given time. So it goes without saying ...

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The Ultimate Disney Experience Checklist – 10 Things You Must Do!

What would constitute the ultimate Disney experience? For starters, you’d have to hit every park – otherwise you haven’t experienced all of Disney World, and thus it couldn’t be “ultimate” by that very nature. Next, you’d have to incorporate a mix of the best shows, rides, and attractions to experience the full entertainment spectrum. And finally, you would have to ...

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5 Epcot Futureworld Experiences For Your Bucket List

Walt Disney’s initial vision for EPCOT wasn’t an amusement park with rides and attractions. Rather, it was intended to be a giant “lab” of sorts – where titans of industry could come together to reshape urban development. Disturbed by what he saw as the decay of communities over time, Walt envisioned EPCOT as a large-scale project where citizens, as many ...

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Our 5 Favorite Businesses Along Disney’s Main Street USA

The Emporium

Main Street, USA is more than just a route to Cinderella’s Castle or a place to watch a parade – it’s a great place to shop, greet, and eat! Souvenirs, clothes, necessities, treats, and even luxury items are all available right there to guests of the Magic Kingdom. Here are our 5 Favorite Businesses Along Main Street USA: 5. Confectionary. ...

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6 Amazing Facts About Main Street USA

The trek through the Magic Kingdom begins with the trek down Main Street, USA. Walt’s vision for replicating his childhood experience in a small American town has become iconic in its own right – drawing a considerable crowd around the clock despite lacking the attractions that other areas of the park can boast. Maybe that’s because so many Americans identify ...

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5 Tips For Protecting Your Kids From Child Predators At Disney World

Disney World’s reputation for creating a family-friendly environment is well deserved. The culture they foster – built on the ultimate customer service model mixed with a commitment to ingenuity and detail – is designed to take you away from the hustle and bustle of your every day life and into another world. As such, it’s easy to let your guard ...

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8 Spectacular Facts About Wishes Nighttime Show At Magic Kingdom Park

Disney seems to take the age-old adage “save the best for last” as serious as they take entertaining their guests. Here are 8 Mind Blowing Facts about the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at Disney World: 8. Concept. The show was specifically designed to draw everyone to Cinderella’s castle in the evening with the intent of bringing family and friends together to ...

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