12 Fun and Quirky Souvenirs You Should Buy At Walt Disney World

Mouse Ears

12. All ears

A pair of Mickey Ears tops the list for being the hands-down most popular souvenir item. Approximately three million pairs are sold each year, and according to, if laid out in a straight line this would be enough to stretch for 175 miles and cover the heads of every resident in Orange County, Florida. The Mickey Mouse Ear fashion trend was set back in the 1950s as the signature headdress of the Mouseketeers on the popular Mickey Mouse Club television show. Soon everyone wanted a pair, and over time custom designs, styles, and sizes were also incorporated. Visitors to Disney World continue to make these fun and quirky headpieces the most sought-out themed merchandise product for purchase. On a side note, Mickey Mouse hand gloves are also starting to become increasingly popular as well.

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