13 Charming Experiences We Love At Walt Disney World

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

When you’re traveling with a large group and people of varying ages, it might seem daunting to find an attraction that everyone will appreciate. This is not a problem at Walt Disney World; just a brief skim through this list will provide you with more than enough options to charm every single member of your group!

13) Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor. While this show is not particularly educational or thrilling, it excels in one area: laughter. If your group needs a pick-me-up, this can be a particularly helpful attraction to visit. You truly won’t be sorry!

12) Voyage of The Little Mermaid. Disney stage shows definitely have the capacity to please crowds, and this show features both beautiful lighting effects and a cooling mist that is both refreshing and ethereal. Of course, the talented cast and the flawless renditions of the movie’s songs don’t hurt, either.

11) Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. This ride is popular with children, so adults might want to try it late at night in the Magic Kingdom, but just because children love it does not mean that it is not fun for everyone. The rider determines the rate of his or her spins, meaning that you can easily avoid motion sickness. Shooting lasers at aliens is a pretty handy distraction from nausea, too, and competing with your companions for the highest score adds some friendly rivalry into the mix!

10) Pirates of the Caribbean. Children will love this ride–especially because of the films that have stemmed from it. Although this is a classic ride, there have been plenty of updates, including Captain Jack Sparrow and some cannon-fire! Pay a visit to this ride, as well as the delightfully authentic dungeon atmosphere, for an experience that is equal parts exciting and, of course, charming!

9) The Jungle Cruise. Yet again, Disney has outdone itself–this time by managing to give visitors an Animal Kingdom experience inside a completely different park! If you’ve just stepped out of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, head over to this cruise. The boat’s captain has a plethora of corny jokes for visitors, and the cruise itself features beautiful plant life, detailed animatronics, and enough thrills to keep you alert the entire time! Try to visit this cruise at least once at night as well–it can be particularly exciting in the dark.

8) Swiss Family Tree House. This attraction will be more interesting for you if you’ve already seen the Disney movie or read the original book, but the change in altitude is still a refreshing way to alter your perspective on the Magic Kingdom–and to take a nice breather.

7) Mad Tea Party. These tea cups might have a reputation for causing nausea, but the real culprit is usually whoever you ride with. If you know your traveling companion wants to spin fast, don’t ride with them! You’ll be surprised by how pleasant and whimsical the ride is if you take it slow. And, well, if you have children–be prepared to speed up once in a while.

6) Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. This attraction is overlooked far too often, especially since it features cameos from “fowl” Disney characters and a catchy song! Whether you’re trying to get out of a sudden downpour or you’re in the mood for relaxing and humorous entertainment, stop by this spacious hut in the Magic Kingdom.

5) It’s A Small World. As one of the classic Disney rides, this attraction features a signature Disney song, an inspirational promotion of international harmony, and detailed, colorful settings. The ride was revamped not too long ago, so if you haven’t visited in a very long time, expect the colors and costumes to be even more vibrant–in the best way!

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4) Ellen’s Energy Adventure. This attraction combines film with a slow-paced and interesting ride through time, making it accessible to all ages. If you think you’ll be bored, think again–Ellen DeGeneres, Jamie Lee Curtis and the legendary Bill Nye the Science Guy ensure that no one leaves this attraction without some laughs.

3) Flights of Wonder. This Animal Kingdom attraction is always a crowd-pleaser, mainly because it features real birds. If you want to be able to see birds (and bird-flight) up close, Flights of Wonder is the place to go. You’ll probably pick up some educational information along the way too!

2) Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress. As one of the original Disney attractions, this “carousel” show most certainly deserves a visit. With a quaint setting, a signature song, and lots of historical information, you’re bound to emerge from this attraction with “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” stuck in your head–as well as a new-found appreciation for the technology that operates your MagicBand!

1) Splash Mountain. This ride has earned its place as a ‘classic’ many times. From the very first step into this ride’s domain, visitors are surrounded by an authentic theme (one of Disney’s specialties). With cheerful animatronic animals, catchy songs, and the delightfully ominous beginning of the final drop, this ride manages to avoid being kitschy or immature, instead becoming a ride that is genuinely fun to go on again and again, no matter what age you are!

Disney World’s charm definitely goes up when it involves small children experiencing the magic, but these attractions prove that there is still something to be found for all ages in every single one of these rides. Check out Disney’s parades and stage shows for extra doses of charming, too!

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