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Dwayne Johnson Spirals Further Down Concerning Path

Joe Rogan and Dwayne Podcast on a podcast

You know him as Black Adam, Maui from Moana (2016), Dr. Smolder Bravestone from the Jumanji film series, or even the Tooth Fairy. But retired professional wrestler turned actor and producer Dwayne Johnson stepped into another arena this week: podcasting. The former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star appeared on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” hosted by the highly controversial Joe Rogan. Though Rogan’s show ...

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Romance Troubles in the Magic Kingdom: Jungle Cruise Skipper Leaves Audience in Splits

jungle cruise skipper joke

One Disney Park Jungle Cruise skipper brought her A game recently, leaving Disney World visitors laughing out loud with her self-deprecating humor. One of the best parts of a Disney Park vacation is interacting with Cast Members. Both at the Walt Disney World Resort and at the Disneyland Resort, Cast Members undergo rigorous training in order to deliver the magical ...

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Disney Guests Search for Hilarious “Aubrey Plaza” Twin Cast Member From Iconic Ride

Jungle Cruise Tour Guide Funny

The biggest attraction of one of Disney’s oldest water rides is its dry humor. The world-famous Jungle Cruise is an indisputable fan favorite, debuting in 1955 at Disneyland Park and premiering as a fixture in Magic Kingdom when Walt Disney World opened its gates. Although there are no thrilling drops, turns, or splashes on the boat tour through the world’s ...

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Disney Park Adds Second Skipper for Extra-Inclusive Jungle Cruise Experience

ASL Interpreter Disney Rides

Disney Parks prides itself on its ongoing mission to make the Theme Park experience evermore inclusive for all of its Guests, including the ways in which it can provide services to those with disabilities. Most Disney fans probably think of features like the Disability Access Service or DAS Pass to help those who cannot wait in long lines still enjoy ...

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Did You Know That These Are the Oldest Attractions at Disney World?

Oldest Attractions feature image

With all the 50th Anniversary Celebrations that have been taking place within the past two years, everyone’s pretty much well aware by now that Walt Disney World Resort in Florida has been around for more than five decades already! At the time, the Magic Kingdom was the only Disney World park that had been established by the time opening day ...

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OpEd: Disney World, Disneyland Needs New Park-Original Characters

Disney Park Original Characters

What do attractions like Haunted Mansion, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise have in common? They provide Disney fans with original characters and stories that originated in the Theme Parks rather than in a movie or on TV. As we look to 2023 and the next 100 years of Disney, the return of that originality ...

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Disney Faces Backlash After Dispensing Plastic Bags to Guests

jungle cruise ziploc bag

These days, the Walt Disney Company and organizations like Disneynature (and National Geographic) are well-known for their conservation efforts, efforts against climate change, and efforts to make the Disney Parks and the Parks’ Guests less wasteful. Disney has certainly achieved a great deal of positive change in these areas — and actually just launched a special ocean conservation initiative in ...

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Fans Suggest It’s Time For Iconic Disney Ride to Move On

jungle cruise disneyland breakdown

Disney fans speculated earlier this week about the reason behind the constant breakdowns of a classic ride, even suggesting it was time it moved on. The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are two of the best places in the world for Guests to enjoy a Disney vacation. Each Disney Resort has Theme Parks that are beloved by fans—like, ...

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‘Jungle Cruise’ Actors Admit to Receiving Warnings from Disney During Press Tour

emily-blunt-jungle-cruise-movie dwayne johnson

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt are most certainly Disney darlings when it comes to Disney cinema and Hollywood. Dwayne Johnson is a former professional WWE wrestler who has become known for his charisma, physique, and his endearingly exciting-yet-family-friendly films. Meanwhile, Emily Blunt is a Devil Wears Prada alum with beauty, wit, and a charming English accent in her repertoire. When the couple ...

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Fans Mock Dwayne Johnson for ‘Embarrassing’ Behavior

jungle cruise dwayne johnson emily blunt

Dwayne Johnson, the actor and former pro-wrestler known as “the Rock,” is usually a national treasure in Disney audiences’ minds. After all, the wrestler has (like fellow former pro wrestler Dave Bautista) transitioned into film with surprising success. Dwayne Johnson’s comedic chops, good looks, and self-deprecating style have made him a perennial charmer — but recently, fans have turned on ...

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