13 Fantastic Things To Do When It's Raining at Disney World Resort


8. Head to Splitsville

If you like bowling then you’re going to love the bowler’s paradise awaiting you at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. Housed within a 50,000 square-foot building located in Disney Springs, the numerous lively diversions to be found here are enough to make anyone forget the rainy conditions outside. In addition to bowling, Splitsville also boasts billiards, serves as a hub for ongoing live entertainment, and even offers quality onsite dining far beyond your typical bowling alley-style concessions. So making the split to Splitsville is definitely one rainy day option you’ll want to consider.

9. Entertainment outings

By now you can see that Disney Springs is in fact host to a wide range of diversions to consider and makes for a great option for when the weather turns wetter. There are numerous one-of-a-kind specialty shopping experiences to check out here—going back to our point in retail therapy earlier, and it is also a place renowned for various unique themed dining endeavors. But something else you’ll find here is ongoing entertainment, with many venues boasting live musicians and performers at various times throughout the day. Whether you’re in the over 21 crowd and come seeking a little nightlife excitement or you’re visiting as a family in pursuit of fun all-age-appropriate concerts and other festivities, Disney Springs is buzzing with opportunities. Additionally, you’ll also find a great entertainment outing awaits you with a visit to nearby ESPN Wide World of Sports. While it’s true that some outdoor sporting events may not take place in rainy conditions, the complex boasts many indoor venues as well, including the HP Field House, VISA Athletic Center, and the Arena at ESPN Wide World of Sports. In all, indoor venues comprise of 186,000 square feet, and there’s always something to check out.

10. Water Park wetness

As long as there is no thunder and lightning, in most cases you can still enjoy time spent at Disney’s two water parks. The day’s already wet, so why not make it wetter? Walt Disney World Resort is home to two such watery wonders—Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Both have their own unique attributes. Blizzard Beach follows the “cool” theme for having been a one-time ski resort, in which the snows have somewhat melted to create gushy goodness all around, from slushy slides, a still-operating ski lift, and so much more. On the flipside, Typhoon Lagoon embodies a tropical theme set in a stormy paradise and is laden with raging waters, sandy beaches, and warm weather wonders. Both are excellent options any time, whether the weather is bright and sunny or raining cats and dogs. In fact, like all Disney swimming, many claim that visiting the water parks during the rain adds an even more satisfying element to the overall outing.

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