13 Fantastic Things To Do When It’s Raining at Walt Disney World


Even the most magical place on Earth is prone to rain from time to time. That’s to be expected with its lush Central Florida location, which relies just as much on the rain as it does on the sunshine. But Disney Magic is never inundated, and guests find that there is always plenty to do, even if it happens to be a rainy day. Here’s a list of 13 fantastic things you can still do when it’s raining at Walt Disney World Resort.


1. Monorail Sightseeing

Take this time to create for yourself your very own aerial sightseeing tour via Disney’s renowned highway in the sky! The Walt Disney World Monorail System is a marvel and a wonder that benefits guests in their travels to and from three of Disney’s Magic Kingdom Area Deluxe Resorts. It also serves as an efficient means for transportation between Magic Kingdom Park and Epcot Park, with convenient stops along the way at the Transportation and Ticket Center. In total there are three Monorail Lines making up Disney World—the Resort Monorail, Epcot Monorail, and Express Monorail. The first runs on a continuous loop bound for the Magic Kingdom, making stops along the way at Disney’s Contemporary, Disney’s Polynesian Village, Disney’s Grand Floridian, and the Transportation and Ticket Center. The other two both originate from the TTC, with the Epcot Line bound for Epcot Park and the Express taking guests on a parallel route to the Resort Monorail but limited to stopping at only Magic Kingdom Park and the TTC. Monorails begin running 30 minutes prior to each park’s earliest opening and continue making the rounds for one hour following the latest park closing. And in addition to riding for convenience, the sightseeing you can do along the way, and disembarking at various points of your choosing, can make for an entertaining option when it’s raining.

2. Resort-wide Onsite Attractions

Each Walt Disney World Resort has its own unique attributes worth exploring. And if it’s a rainy day, and you’re looking for something to do, there’s no better time to visit the different resorts and see what they all have to offer. Or even take the time to explore and enjoy your own resort for that matter. It’s Disney after all, and these resorts carry over the same magic you experience while out and about in the parks. What’s more, devoted and caring cast members make it their goal to see to your comfort, convenience, and entertainment, and always have fun resort-wide activities planned out. While you have to assess specific weather conditions before considering the different onsite resort recreations you can do, rest assured that unless there are storms and lightning present, swimming is still on. And for many, doing so when it’s wetter is even better!

Disney's Contemporary Resort
Disney’s Contemporary Resort

3. Character Dining

Because most character dining events take place indoors (with one exception being Mickey’s Backyard BBQ) you can still enjoy a little one-on-one time with your favorites, even if the weather outside is less than ideal. Character dining offers the perfect indoor opportunity to stay dry and still meet and mingle with Disney greats; you can pose for pictures and get signed autographs all while enjoying a tasty meal. There are plenty of opportunities for doing so within the different parks and at various Walt Disney World Resort Hotel dining locations. But do take note that these engagements are popular pursuits, and as always, guests wishing for the opportunity to break bread with Disney favorites are strongly encouraged to make advance reservations.

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4. Fun-themed Dining Delights

In addition to character dining, Walt Disney World Resort and surrounding venues in nearby Disney Springs are laden with a host of fun-themed dining pursuits. And considering the fact that some of the more elaborate extended dining specials are slated to last for several hours on end, like the Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa being one such example, a rainy day has no bearing or impact on such plans. In addition to the aforementioned Chef’s Table, some other food-for-thought considerations include Dine with an Imagineer opportunities at the Hollywood Brown Derby or CĂ­tricos at the Grand Floridian, Dine with an Animal Specialist at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Chef’s Domain at CĂ­tricos, and plenty more.  And going back to the previously mentioned Monorail sightseeing, there is also the special Highway in the Sky Dine Around—an extended signature dining experience that includes five courses (in all) to enjoy at various stops around the Magic Kingdom Area’s three Deluxe Resorts along the Monorail Line. Then, let’s not forget that there are always those innumerable other fun-themed dining venues to visit in general, from the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant at Hollywood Studios to T-REX CafĂ© in Disney Springs, and everything else in between. Disney has a countless array of possibilities for making mealtimes more memorable than the weather outside.

5. Rainy-day retail therapy

A rainy day can be as good a time as any to check out all those must-haves and unique buys around the various resorts, parks, and at Disney Springs and its many retail venues. You’re at Walt Disney World Resort after all, and some of the items here are exclusives. Others may very well be hard-to-find novelties and specialty goods. So don’t miss the opportunity to seek out some really great finds, whether for yourself or for someone else. Sometimes in the midst of having all that fun in the parks it can be easy to overlook those retail novelties. So give thanks to the new magic of discovery a rainy day at Disney can tune you into.

World of Disney

6. Pamper Yourself!

Why not take the time a rainy day allots to pamper yourself? Disney World offers up quite a few stellar spa and salon services around the various resorts, as well as fully equipped fitness centers perfect for those wishing to stay active. Disney is home to two very impeccable full-service Senses Spa locations—one at the Grand Floridian and the other at Saratoga Springs. Both offer the same top-quality features, amenities, and high-end treatments. There’s also Mandara Spa at Walt Disney World’s Dolphin Hotel and the Zahanati Massage & Fitness Center at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge—both phenomenal choices. Other highly recommended options include Sturdy Branches Health Club at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, La Vida Health Club—Massage—Salon—Fitness at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Muscles & Bustles Health Club at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, and many others. From massages to facials, and even onsite makeover salons featured at some locations, you definitely have optimal options for pampering, regardless of what the weather’s brewing up.

7. Go see a movie

Rainy days are great for going to the movies, so why not head to Disney Springs for the ultimate moviegoer experience? AMC Disney Springs 24 is one of the largest theater complexes in the state of Florida and even offers up select Fork & Screen packages. This means that certain auditoriums allow guests to enjoy savory meals or snack options, ordered off of a featured dining menu, to be paired with a good movie. Meals come served to you directly, as you lounge about in spacious, comfortable seating. AMC Disney Springs 24 is also site to MacGuffins Bar & Lounge, another great onsite dining choice sporting a wide range of delightful meal options as well as full-service bar selections.

8. Head to Splitsville

If you like bowling then you’re going to love the bowler’s paradise awaiting you at Splitsville Luxury Lanes. Housed within a 50,000 square-foot building located in Disney Springs, the numerous lively diversions to be found here are enough to make anyone forget the rainy conditions outside. In addition to bowling, Splitsville also boasts billiards, serves as a hub for ongoing live entertainment, and even offers quality onsite dining far beyond your typical bowling alley-style concessions. So making the split to Splitsville is definitely one rainy day option you’ll want to consider.


9. Entertainment outings

By now you can see that Disney Springs is in fact host to a wide range of diversions to consider and makes for a great option for when the weather turns wetter. There are numerous one-of-a-kind specialty shopping experiences to check out here—going back to our point in retail therapy earlier, and it is also a place renowned for various unique themed dining endeavors. But something else you’ll find here is ongoing entertainment, with many venues boasting live musicians and performers at various times throughout the day. Whether you’re in the over 21 crowd and come seeking a little nightlife excitement or you’re visiting as a family in pursuit of fun all-age-appropriate concerts and other festivities, Disney Springs is buzzing with opportunities. Additionally, you’ll also find a great entertainment outing awaits you with a visit to nearby ESPN Wide World of Sports. While it’s true that some outdoor sporting events may not take place in rainy conditions, the complex boasts many indoor venues as well, including the HP Field House, VISA Athletic Center, and the Arena at ESPN Wide World of Sports. In all, indoor venues comprise of 186,000 square feet, and there’s always something to check out.

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10. Water Park Fun

As long as there is no thunder and lightning, in most cases you can still enjoy time spent at Disney’s two water parks. The day’s already wet, so why not make it wetter? Walt Disney World Resort is home to two such watery wonders—Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Both have their own unique attributes. Blizzard Beach follows the “cool” theme for having been a one-time ski resort, in which the snows have somewhat melted to create gushy goodness all around, from slushy slides, a still-operating ski lift, and so much more. On the flipside, Typhoon Lagoon embodies a tropical theme set in a stormy paradise and is laden with raging waters, sandy beaches, and warm weather wonders. Both are excellent options any time, whether the weather is bright and sunny or raining cats and dogs. In fact, like all Disney swimming, many claim that visiting the water parks during the rain adds an even more satisfying element to the overall outing.

11. Indoor endeavors at Epcot

A rainy day doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice time spent in the parks. In fact, Epcot Park, in particular, is known for a host of stellar attractions that are actually housed at indoor locations. From indoor rides ranging from Spaceship Earth to Soarin’ to other insider marvels like the Living with the Land attraction and The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion, Epcot is by far one of the best parks to be in while it’s raining. Even character meet and greet locations have primary indoor locations. And don’t forget about all the impeccable dining designations all throughout the park. Even visiting the World Showcase allows for many unique novelty shops, dining spots, and in some cases attractions to duck into when the rain moves in. So in short, don’t let the rain deter you while out and about in Epcot.

12. Magic Kingdom rain-friendly to-dos

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park also boasts a wide range of indoor attractions, making it possible to still experience park magic in countless ways despite any watery situations that may be going on. From plundering the seas with Pirates of the Caribbean to finding grave goodness lurking within the Haunted Mansion, there are plenty of possibilities to make the wetter weather work in your favor. Some other indoor ultimate must-dos within the Magic Kingdom include “it’s a small world,” Peter Pan’s Flight, Under the Sea ~ Journey of the Little Mermaid, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Space Mountain, and several others. Performance attractions are also hot on the list, especially with such classics as Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree, Mickey’s PhilharMagic, and more. And don’t forget all those indoor character meet and greet opportunities as well, especially that most popular pursuit to Meet Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater.

13. Rainy Day Cavalcade

Did you know that Disney even has an alternative rainy day parade lined up at Magic Kingdom Park? That’s right, Disney has taken a sticky situation (or should we say “a wet situation”?) and made it into something to celebrate with their own Rainy Day Cavalcade at the ready when needed. Because slick rain conditions can cause slipping, sliding, and all those staged parade numbers to become a bit perilous to perform, the Rainy Day Cavalcade serves as an alternative that still incorporates characters, dancers, music, and a parade precession with all the works. So don your rain gear and get going to the Magic Kingdom. Just because you may have heard that the Festival of Fantasy Parade has been cancelled it doesn’t mean there isn’t another parade making a splash!

Magic is never washed out at Walt Disney World Resort, despite what weather conditions are in the works. You can always count on Disney for lasting memories and magic whenever you come. So it doesn’t really matter whether the weather ends up being wetter than you had originally planned for, because the possibilities are always plentiful here and you are guaranteed the grandest vacation experience each and every time.

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