13 Foods You Must Try At Epcot's World Showcase Pavilions 

Fish and Chips

It’s often said that one of the most immersive cultural experiences to take in while traveling the world is getting a taste of the local and regional cuisine offerings prevalent in that area. And in Epcot’s own World Showcase, where 11 different nations from around the globe are just steps away from each other, the quest of bold adventurers to embrace the tastes of food and culture is both conveniently navigable and easily manageable. In fact, visitors are encouraged to take their taste buds on a world tour while making the rounds at the many different pavilions. That is why you will find a variety of restaurants, snack stops, and other traditional food and drink establishments along the way.

While dining experiences may vary as to whether or not you’re hankering for a lavish table service meal or a quick snack, there are a host of hands-down delectable options you simply must try at each pavilion. Here are just 13 such palatable pursuits.

13. Norway’s School Bread

Whenever someone mentions delicious food at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion an array of traditional regional offerings spring to mind. While the all-you-can-eat Disney Princess dining experience at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall is one of the most popular picks, Norway’s own Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe stands out as a delectable counter service establishment boasting a broad array of traditional bakery enticements and small plate offerings.

Perhaps their most renowned pastry item is their famed School Bread—a traditional Norwegian favorite comprising of a sweet cardamom bun filled with vanilla crème custard and topped with toasted coconut. Other options to enjoy here include sweet pretzels, puddings, mousse, cream puffs, the Troll Horn and Lefse, among many others.

And for a small plate pairing to precede such palate-pleasing pastries you may enjoy such options as the Salmon and Egg Sandwich, Ham and Apple Sandwich, the Norwegian Club, Traditional Kjøttkake (Norwegian meatballs), or other featured item as it is available.

12. Fish and Chips at the United Kingdom

You may choose to bite into a bit of Brit cuisine over at the United Kingdom Pavilion as there are a couple of spots to choose from. At the Rose and Crown Dining Room you’ll find any number of delicious traditional regional offerings, like Bangers and Mash, Mushy Peas, Shepherd’s Pie, Bubble and Squeak, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and plenty more, along with decadent desserts like Sticky Toffee Pudding, Lemon Scone, English Triffle, and Chocolate Nougat Bar. And then of course, you can’t pass on a classic fixing of Fish and Chips, available here as well as at the Yorkshire County Fish Shop quick service spot.

For those who are unfamiliar with it, Fish and Chips comes to you as pieces of beer-battered fish served along with “chips” or fries as most people know them. They go great with a side of tartar sauce or malt vinegar, or whatever else you choose or don’t choose to accompany them with. Either way, whether you get them at Rose and Crown or at Yorkshire County, you can’t miss out on this UK classic.

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