15 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Visiting Disney World

Main St. USA Castle _ avoid crowds _ disney fanatic

A trip to Walt Disney World in Florida is a rite of passage for many families.  The planning of a Disney vacation, however, can be daunting.  The internet, your friends and co-workers are all full of knowledge and the glut of information can be overwhelming.  Before your trip, you dream of beautiful weather, mild temperatures and low crowds.  While Disney World is indeed a fascinating place, full of magic and wonder, reality is almost always different than you envisioned.  My family made several mistakes on our first trip, mostly because I did little research prior to.  Forewarned, they say, is forearmed!  A little preparation and planning can go a long way to making your trip to Walt Disney World Resort a fantastic experience.    

1.  Weather

Unless you are from the tropics, nothing can prepare you for the weather in central Florida.  Two important things to remember: From April-October, the heat is intense!  You can cut the humidity with a knife!  And, it rains almost every afternoon.  Winter temperature ranges can be mild to downright cold!

2.  Crowds

Disney World is the most popular vacation destination in the world!  Some 20 million people per year visit the Magic Kingdom.  While there are several ways to deal with this, know what you’re getting into.  One of the best ways to stay ahead of the crowds is to arrive at the theme parks before official opening.  That may be difficult to do every day, but try it 2-3 times during a week-long trip.

3. Get In Shape!

The Disney theme parks and resorts are massive!  Be prepared to walk several miles per day.  It's easy to clock 30,000 steps in one day! Prep your family by walking at home, prior to your trip. A month out from your trip start by adding a few passes around the neighborhood. Park further from the entrance to the grocery store to add in additional condition to your daily routine!

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