Must Do Experiences At Disney World's Animal Kingdom Park


10. Donald’s Dino-Bash

For more birdy delights you can head on over to DinoLand U.S.A. for a whole new prehistoric party led by none other than Donald Duck himself. He’s celebrating his recently discovered lineage and the fun fact that his ancestors were in fact actually dinosaurs. Get ready to join in the celebration with him along with a host of other friends, feathered and otherwise, alike. Some of the familiar favorites you can expect to find in attendance include Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, Launchpad McQuack, Scrooge McDuck, and even Chip ‘n Dale sporting their own dinosaur costumes. Meet them all and then stay for the Dino-Riffic Dance Party! You won’t want to miss this quacked up festivity that’s been “200 million years in the making.”

11. Discover Dinosaurs

For more prehistoric pursuits there’s the ever-popular DINOSAUR—a dark ride experience in which you set off on a time traveling quest to save one dinosaur in particular from extinction. You will be strapped into a rickety Time Rover vehicle and then blast off to the primordial past, and from there it becomes a sight-seeing tour of sorts. Pass along a diverse menagerie of dinosaurs along the way, from fearful predators to docile vegetarians paired with the loud and ferocious roars to match the stunning sights that greet you on your journey. But time’s ticking down, and you have to find your desired dino and get out of there before the meteor that plunged the dinosaurs into massive widespread extinction is among you!

12. Get ready for the Yeti

Seeking out a thrilling high-speed rollercoaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom isn’t as elusive as you may think. Just head to Expedition Everest for a runaway mountain train adventure paired with the chance to come face-to-face with the one and only mythical yeti. As the theme for this attraction dictates, Serka Zong was once the site for a prosperous tea plantation with steam trains transporting tea to nearby Anadapur. But later, for unknown reasons, the tea trade came to an abrupt stop and monuments portraying a legendary beast were constructed. In later years, Norbu and Bob came along and restructured some of the remnants, establishing a whole new operation—Himalayan Escapes: Tours and Expeditions, which is the ride you are now on. Now the adventure trek along the newly rerouted line up the Forbidden Mountain is one of unforeseen peril, laden with a dramatic climb to an ended track, thrilling backward chases, and drops, twists, and turns of all kinds. But the climax comes in the form of an encounter with the one and only yeti—guardian of the mountain.

13. Experience Pandora—World of Avatar

The newly opened Pandora—The World of Avatar is one of the latest must-do experiences to take to while visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This newly established land is home to an array of spectacular sights, exotic new eats, and of course two newly featured attractions. Take a thrilling 3D ride atop your own banshee with Avatar Flight of Passage, or for a more docile float-along boat ride experience there’s the Na’vi River Journey. Be amazed by the breathtaking Valley of Mo’ara and even hike along its floating mountains, experiencing the luminous flora and fauna all around. Other fun points of interest here include the entertaining Swotu Wayä drummers, the 10-foot tall Pandora Utility Suit, and much more. And don’t forget to fuel up by trying out some of the new eats on the menu at Satu’li Canteen and Pongu Pongu.

14. Wild Behind-the-Scenes Extras

Do a little something extra to make your experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park even more exclusive, with one of several behind-the-scenes tours or other experiences to sign up for. Caring for Giants is one such example, available to guests of all ages in which you and your group are led on an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the elephant residents that make their home here. There’s also the Up Close with Rhinos opportunity featuring the park’s own white rhinos. Another experience worth considering is the Ultimate Nights of Adventure VIP Tour—another all-age appropriate pursuit that entails a four-hour guided group adventure of exploration and riding rides, beginning during at the start of Animal Kingdom’s evening hours...

Another option to delight in is the Savor the Savanna: Evening Safari Experience. Suitable for tweens, teens, and adults, this private safari outing sets off twice nightly, allowing attendees exclusive access into sights and access points otherwise restricted to the public and even includes a selection of African-inspired food and drink options. But it is perhaps the Wild Africa Trek that rings most popular for those looking for an extended Animal Kingdom experience. Available to tweens, teens, and adults, this three-hour behind-the-scenes excursion includes a fully immersive guided tour, hikes through private access areas, exclusive safari vehicle rides, and vast insights and explorations into the park’s inner workings. Snacks and refreshments come included with this excursion. As with any extra endeavor, advance reservations are always recommended..

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park is a wondrous wilderness full of attractions and entertainment. It stands as one of Disney’s most unique and versatile one-of-a-kind parks with an exclusive theme all its own—one that forges an empowering sense of love and appreciation for nature. Discover for yourself the great bounty and explorations awaiting you, and the many opportunities for animal encounters and engagements otherwise difficult or even impossible to pursue if not for the magic of Disney..

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