Two Of Disneyland’s Annual Passes Have Sold Out

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If you’ve been planning on signing up for a Magic Key Annual Pass with Disneyland in order to visit the magical locale for its extravagant holiday treats or holiday decor, then you might be out of luck depending on the benefits that you wanted! Surprisingly, the two Magic Keys that have sold out are the most expensive ones: the Dream Key sold out first, even though it costs $1399, and the next to sell out was the Believe Key (which costs $949). The two cheapest Magic Keys are both still available! Scott Gustin shared the news on Twitter in the Tweet shown below.

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Disneyland fans who don’t live in California, and who don’t live in the zip codes between 90000 and 93599 within that state, will want to purchase the Enchant Key that’s remaining. This Annual Pass costs $649 and is the second least expensive option for Guests. It essentially includes everything that the Imagine Key Annual Pass does (see below), but “with the addition of two more theme Park reservations”.

If you’re a frequent Disneyland visitor who does live in California within the aforementioned zip codes, then the Imagine Key will probably be the one for you! This is the cheapest option, at only $399. It includes admission (albeit only on select days of the year), and you can have two Park reservations at a time. You do get 10% discounts off of select merchandise and dining, though!


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Although neither of these Annual Passes includes bonuses like parking or large discounts on select merchandise or dining, they can still be a good purchase for anyone who visits Disneyland often and/or lives in the nearby area. Annual Passes can also be a good option for anyone who lives near Walt Disney World (because all of the Disney World Annual Passes for out-of-state residents are now unavailable indefinitely). Are you planning on visiting Disneyland often during the holiday celebrations this season? And are you planning on buying one of the two remaining Annual Passes?

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