5 Facts to Know When It Rains On Your Magic Kingdom Day

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Everyone hopes that it will be sunny and beautiful every day of their Walt Disney World vacation; however, this just isn’t the case.  Rainstorms are frequent at Walt Disney World meaning that you need to be prepared for them.

We have five facts to help you conquer the rain when visiting Disney’s iconic Magic Kingdom Park.  These will help you continue to enjoy the magic even while it rains.

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5.  Be Prepared

As we all know, being prepared is half the battle.  Before you even arrive at Magic Kingdom, make sure you are prepared for the rain.  This starts back at home as you are packing.  Take time to make sure that you have essential rain gear for everyone.

Think about if you prefer to toss in cheap ponchos or have rain jackets.  Do you have umbrellas that are small and easy to toss into your Disney Park Bag?  We also recommend thinking about shoes.  There is nothing worse than having wet feet.  If you know it is going to be a rainy day, toss in those extra shoes and socks so you can switch out once the storm passes.

Finally, know that most rainstorms (we say most, not all) don’t last very long.  Although you will sometimes get a day that all it does is rain, overall the rain typically only lasts for a little while.  With this in mind, use the next four steps to keep yourself having a great time in Magic Kingdom.

Space Mountain

4.  Rides and Show Go On

One of the many great things about Magic Kingdom is there is so much to do.  Even if a rainstorm comes through and shuts down the outside rides such as Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain, there is still so much that Guests can enjoy.

Take time when the rain pops up to think through the outstanding shows and rides that will remain open even during the rain.  We have a few here to help you out:

Tomorrowland:  Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor, Carousel of Progress, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

Fantasyland:  Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan’s Flight, Philharmagic, it’s a small world, Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Liberty Square:  Hall of Presidents, Haunted Mansion

Frontierland:  Country Bear Jamboree

Adventureland:  Pirates of the Caribbean, Enchanted Tiki Room

Those are just some of the options that will remain open even during a major storm.  This gives Guests a lot of options to continue to enjoy the Disney magic.  Enjoy some downtime relaxing as you watch a few shows such as Enchanted Tiki Room or Hall of Presidents.  Get some family competition going over at Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, or enjoy a few classics such as Peter Pan’s Flight or it’s a small world.

Even if you see a lot of Guests heading out of the Magic Kingdom when it begins to rain, don’t get tricked into thinking that there won’t be anything to do.  Use this list and continue to explore Magic Kingdom.

3.  Find Some Food

An important part of any Walt Disney World vacation is eating.  Use the rainstorm as a time to slow down and grab something to eat.  There are a lot of large quick-service locations throughout Magic Kingdom that offer great meals.

Cosmic Rays in Tomorrowland, Peco’s Bills in Frontierland, Columbia Harbour House found in Liberty Tree, and Pinocchio Village Haus in Fantasyland all offer large dining areas and a variety of food options.  

Take time to grab something to eat and enjoy the rain while indoors.   Think about getting some ice cream and finding a spot or a dole whip.  Get off your feet and relax for a while.


2.  Take Time to Shop

Often times we are so busy rushing from ride to ride that we pass right by some of the amazing shops in Magic Kingdom.  During a rainstorm, consider taking some time to explore some of the many shops throughout the Magic Kingdom.

On Main Street, U.S.A., U.S.A. there are some fabulous options.  The obvious choice is the large Emporium.  This shop is the largest gift and souvenir shop in Magic Kingdom.  It fills the whole length of Main Street, U.S.A., and is filled with so much fun.

From candy to collectibles, the Emporium has everything Disney you have ever wanted.  During the rainstorm, slow down and explore all it has to offer.

On the other side of the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. is specialty shops.  These shops offer more high-end.  Magical Extras at Crystal Arts and Uptown Jewelers is where Guests can find Pandora charms as well Disney figurines, and even beautiful art pieces.

 There are many unique and well- shops throughout Magic Kingdom.  Over in Liberty Square, Guests can enjoy browsing for Christmas all year long at Ye Olde Christmas Shopee.  For fans of the Haunted Mansion, they will enjoy taking a look at Memento Mori a shop focused on Haunted Mansion items.

Disney does a great job on the shops throughout Magic Kingdom.  Take some time to enjoy them while you wait for the rain to stop.

Rain Disney World
Credit: Disney

1. Keep Going

Our final and biggest time when it comes to rain in Magic Kingdom is to keep going.  We know it is frustrating to have rain during your vacation that you have planned so hard for but try to not let it ruin the day.  

Through on that rain gear and keep enjoying the magic.  Hit up the rides and shows that stay open, enjoy something to eat, or take time to shop.  No matter what you prefer to do, don’t give up on your day.  Keep singing in the rain and enjoy the Disney magic.

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