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5 Ways To Support Your Disney Habit

I am a self professed Disney Addict, and I fail to see a problem with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving Disney just a tad bit more than the general population. Did I say “a tad bit more”? I meant a lot. My fellow Disney Addicts and I love all things Disney a lot more than most people and we are always craving something Disney related whether it be a craving to watch Tangled for the billionth time or to sing “Colors of the Wind” in our shower. The soul crushing reality for us extreme Disney lovers is that we cannot spend every single day of our existence inside the Disney theme parks. It is a terrible truth we have all accepted, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate Disney into our lives every day! Here a few ways we Disney Addicts can support of Disney loving habit at home!

5. Make a Disney playlist It doesn’t matter how old I get, I never get tired of belting out Disney songs in my car. My car is my safe haven because it is one of the few places I can blast my Disney music and feel no judgment. Yes, I am an adult and I will sing “Part of Your World” as if I was a Broadway star! Make yourself a playlist or a mix CD of your very favorite Disney tunes and keep it on your car when you need a little bit of magic to help you through the day. Listening to peppy numbers like “Hakuna Matata” and “A Spoonful of Sugar” are great for picking you up and getting you read for a long, Disney-less day at work.

4. Incorporate Disney quotes in your conversations This one seems a little bit silly, but I can’t even count how many times this has happened to me. Disney Addicts have a habit of memorizing the lines of their favorite Disney films. It can be very insignificant lines of dialogue or the lines found in the popular songs. It doesn’t matter. We are like elephants; we remember it all. The general population won’t pick up on your subtle tip of the hat to Disney if you drop a line or two in your conversation. For instance, while having a discussion with my boyfriend without thinking I blurted out “Don’t underestimate the importance of body language.” He had no idea that I had just quoted Ursula but it made me smile as I had integrated more Disney into my life.

3. Try cosplaying Conventions like ComicCon and DragonCon are excellent places for Disney Addicts! Cosplaying is like dressing up for Halloween on steroids. You could buy a cheap costume from a Halloween shop, but cosplaying is much more intricate than that. Most cosplayers will make their own costumes and dress up as their favorite characters at conventions. For those of us who are not talented with a needle, there are many sellers out there where you can purchase high quality costumes. I love going to conventions to showcase my love of Disney. I love to coplay as Belle, Anna and Elsa. At conventions it is perfectly acceptable to dress up and act like a Disney character. Plus people will flock to take pictures with you and you can make a lot of kids happy. My most recent cosplay was of Queen Elsa and so many kids ran up to me to hug me and I stayed in character as I talked to them. It made their day and it is truly a beautiful way to spread your own Disney magic outside of the parks.

2. Disneybounding Disneybounding is my newest obsession! It is similar to cosplay, but it much more subtle. The general population probably wouldn’t even know you were Disneybounding. This phenomenon in relatively new but it gaining a large following. You take pieces of clothing from your own wardrobe and you build an outfit that resembles the outfit of your favorite Disney character. For an example, let’s say I wanted to create a look inspired by Marie from The Aristocats. She is all white with pink bows, so I might wear a solid white dress, put a pink bow in my hair and pair it with pink shoes and pink purse. Disneybounding can be very subtle as shown with my white dress and pink accents example. You can create cute Disney inspired looks that aren’t so obvious that you look childish or unprofessional. It’s hard to wear those Mickey Mouse t-shirts to work every day, but you can always Disneybound anytime! For more information on Disneybouding check out

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1. Decorate your bedroom About a year ago I decided my room was not magical enough and I wanted to decorate it to remind me of Disney. There was only one problem, I am an adult. I didn’t want my room to look like a five year old girl’s room with a comforter and walls covered in character’s faces. I wanted something simple and modern that reflected some of my favorite Disney moments. I took a lot of inspiration from Tangled. I loved the color palette of Rapunzel’s tower. It was a tiny space but it felt more open because of the warm colors inside. That is where I started. I chose a color palette that resembled one of my favorite Disney films to add a touch of Disney to my favorite room in the house. To add more Disney accents, I selected or made my own paintings that reminded me of moments from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pocahontas and The Aristocats that I hung on the walls. It was a very subtle way to bring the joy of Disney to my sleeping chamber. I also made a canopy filled with twinkling lights because it reminded me of the lantern scene in Tangled, but when friends would enter my room they didn’t see any of the little ties to Disney. It was my little secret. Find what inspires you and get creative! You never know what you can create until you try it!

These ideas, of course, are all things I have found that have really helped me express my undying love of Disney but there are endless possibilities! I am always discovering new ways to add a hint of Disney magic to my days while I wait to make my return to Cinderella’s castle. Every day can have Disney magic if we are willing to create it ourselves. Get creative and see how you can keep the Disney magic in your life!

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Jessica is currently a photographer and writer as well as a full time college student pursuing her bachelor’s in History. She is a self-professed Disney Addict and feels no need to cut down on her “addiction.” Being from the South, Jessica is just a stone’s throw away from the Happiest Place on Earth and is planning her next visit so she can finally meet Anna and Elsa. Disney is one of her biggest passions and she looks forward to sharing her Disney tips and tricks with you!

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