7 Of Our Favorite Rides and Attractions At EPCOT

As a child I never fully appreciated everything Epcot had to offer. I was too young for many of the big attractions, and there was nothing to do in the World Showcase except walk. Coming back to Epcot as an adult has made me realize how wrong I was. The possibilities at Epcot are truly endless! This is definitely my favorite of the Disney parks in Orlando because it caters to the adults like me who want a diverse experience.

7. Universe of Energy: Ellen’s Energy Adventure. I’m not surprised that Universe of Energy isn’t the most popular of attractions because it’s a whopping 45 minutes long. With so many things to do in the park, setting aside an hour for one attraction seems like a waste of valuable time. On the plus side, Universe of Energy is a great way to escape the mid-day Orlando heat in the summer. The ride is inside and you get to sit in air conditioning while following Ellen DeGeneres’ journey! Orlando weather can also bring nasty showers so Universe of Energy can help you escape the rain. Plus you might learn a thing or two about energy.

6. Mission: SPACE. This attraction is not for everyone, but it is worth doing at least once during your Disney vacation. Since it’s opening, Mission: SPACE has been widely popular for all ages because there are actually two versions of the attraction to cater to everyone’s needs. The mild version remains stationary while the extreme version pulls several G-forces on your body. I tried to be adventurous but quickly learned that riding the extreme version twice in the same day would make me dizzy and nauseous. It’s a quick way to ruin the rest of your day if you are prone to motion sickness, so I highly recommend the mild version. You get the same experience of piloting a space craft to Mars, but you leave those G-forces and motion sickness back on Earth.

5. The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Even when I was a child, I loved The Seas at Epcot. This is still one of the best areas for children in the park because of the many interactive activities with the marine life. Not only is there a ride that carries you around the vast tank, projections of Nemo and his friends appear alongside the real fish! As an adult I still think this is one of the coolest magic moments of Disney. After the ride, guests can wander in the two level aquarium learning about marine life as well as getting a hands on experience with the help of Cast Members. Parents can also get a place to rest while their little ones play in the Finding Nemo inspired play area.

4. World Showcase. If only you knew how hard it was for me to lump all of the activities of World Showcase into one bullet point. Truly, World Showcase deserves an entire list because there is no way to cover all of the many treasures offered here. At first glance, you become fully immersed into a nation’s culture and architecture. As you walk through the pavilions you get to sample authentic cuisine, intricate details in their buildings, exotic flavors and enchanting music. It’s a wonderful cultural experience for those who want to travel but might not necessarily be able to hop on a plane and fly to France for a week. I love the Japanese and Moroccan pavilions because the buildings are absolutely stunning and their restaurants are impeccable!

3. IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth. After a long day at the park you may just want to go back to your hotel and get some sleep before IllumiNations begins but this is the one show you simply must see! It is the equivalent of the fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom and Fantasmic! at Hollywood Studios. The Canadian pavilion is a great place for viewing so get a spot close to the lake and prepare for a spectacular laser and firework show that celebrates the people of Earth.

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2. Soarin’. Since Soarin’ opened, I always thought it would be my favorite attraction at Epcot. It’s a perfect ride for the whole family that immerses all of your senses. Not only are you feeling the sensation of hang gliding by the movement and sights of the attraction but you feel wind blowing on your face and even the scents of the ocean, orange trees and fir trees as you fly about various terrains.

1. Test Track. In 2013 during my last trip to Disney, Soarin’ was dethroned as my favorite ride as Test Track had been completely remodeled. Disney scrapped the dated test dummies and opted for a sleek, neon design that highlights the future of personal transportation. Test Track has also added a station where families can design their own car that will be put to the test during their ride! This is a great feature for kids as well as adults who want to try their hand at creating the best car on the track. The ride itself remains the same, but the interior theme has been completely redesigned. Make sure to get a Fast Pass for this one because you don’t want to miss out!

Over the years Epcot has still remained true to its adult entertainment but has since added more activities for the entire family to enjoy. It might be s slower pace than what you are used to for Disney, but it’s a perfect place to go at your own pace and soak up everything Epcot has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Epcot today!

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