8 Disney Resorts With The Best Restaurants

Fire Pit Animal Kingdom Lodge

1.  Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is certainly the way to go if what you crave is a lively, wild vacation. In fact, this Deluxe resort within the range of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park even boasts onsite savannas that are home to more than 200 hoofed animals native to Africa as well as many diverse bird species. From the traditional horseshoe-shaped design characteristic of African lodges to the vast makeup of available accommodation designations, Animal Kingdom Lodge makes it possible to stay in the wilds of Africa without sacrificing the conveniences and amenities you know and love at Walt Disney World Resorts. Counted among the several unique experiences to take in here are the bold and bountiful residential restaurant choices.

There are many palatable options to take to around the resort, but the three that stand out the most are Boma, Sanaa, and Jiko—The Cooking Place. The first is an excellent family-fun option available for breakfast and dinner, offered as an all-you-can-eat buffet at both occasions. For breakfast you can expect a combination of traditional American classics alongside unique house specialties. Dinner is a flavorful celebration of traditional continental cuisine favorites from more than 50 African nations. Sanaa, which rightly gets its name from the Swahili word for “artwork,” is a vibrant eatery open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not only is the interior décor an elaborate display of wonder, but the large windows overlooking the savannas provide diners with unparalleled views of the resident wildlife in the most lively display of artistic beauty. Here you can enjoy an array of African and Indian-inspired selections, including decadent dessert selections like African Triple Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Ndizi, and other exotic enticements. But sunset dining, with views overlooking the savannas is the ultimate happy ending to any day.

Jiko—The Cooking Place is another unique choice for fine dining. Open for dinner daily, here you can enjoy stunning fusion cuisine selections inspired by African tastes but also influenced by global flavors the world over. From the interior décor that displays an adventurous African style in combination with classy elegance to the open kitchen where you can watch your meal come together, dining at Jiko is truly a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. And what makes dining here even more unique is the fact that you can spice up the experience with the Wanyama Safari and Dinner package. That means you can combine your elegant eating endeavor with a private safari along the savannas where you can see animals up close and personal. Additionally, Jiko also offers unique wine tasting experiences that allow those interested to sample some of South Africa’s finest drink selections paired with small platters.

In addition to optimal dining at a Disney World Resort you will find plenty of other delightful options throughout the four theme parks, as well as within lively Disney Springs. As is true with any experience it’s always best to plan your mealtimes accordingly, keeping in mind travel time, convenience to where you will be spending your day, and making all the necessary reservations well in advance. Wherever you choose to dine when at Disney, remember that all meals here always come with an extra helping of magical memories.

By Laura

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