Disney Actor To Have ABC Special After Accident

Jeremy Renner
Credit: ABC / Jeremy Renner

We all know Marvel actors are superheroes in real life. They visit kids in hospitals, they do their own stunts, they are just the coolest people on the planet. One of the original Avengers actors has proved in 2023 just what an incredibly strong human he is.

Jeremy Renner was severely injured on New Year’s Day when he was run over by a snow plow weighing over seven tons. He was attempting to save his beloved nephew from being run over but ended up not putting the breaks on his snow plow.

The accident has made international headlines for months and Renner now in recovery is setting down with Diane Sawyer for an exclusive interview with ABC.

Renner’s nephew recalls the moment, “I just perfectly see him in a pool of blood from his head. I ran up to him. I didn’t think he was alive.”

“I’d do it again. I’d do it again because it was going right at my nephew.” Renner states firmly in the trailer.

Sawyer reads aloud from a paper that Renner was airlifted to a local hospital with over 30 broken bones. His injuries included a punctured lung, broken eye socket, hisribs broken in 14 places, his right knee, left tibia, clavicle, right shoulder and both ankles. Renner confirms and responds, “I was awake for every moment”.

“I chose to survive. You can’t kill me. Jeremy Renner announces. Jeremy Renner: The Diane Sawyer Interview — A Story of Terror, Survival and Triumph airs April 6 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC. It will be available to stream next day on Hulu. Renner also have an upcoming Disney+ show called Rennervations about fixing cars, as well as his hit series Hawkeye.

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