Possible Iger Successor Addresses Rumors

Adam Silver says no to Disney

Why would anyone want to succeed Bob Iger as CEO of the Walt Disney Company? Didn’t you see what happened to the last guy? Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek took over for Iger in 2015, and the Disney fan base has completely eviscerated him. He was unceremoniously jettisoned from his job last year, and Iger returned as CEO.

Since his return, Iger has made it his life’s mission to undo all of the damage that Chapek did to the Walt Disney Company. Iger has reorganized the company, taking power away or firing anyone Chapek approved. He recently laid off Disney’s entire meta division, another Chapek baby. Iger even went so far as to give up money if it was Chapek’s idea. Iger stopped charging Guests for parking at Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

Adam Silver says no to Disney

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Admittedly, that last one seems a little petty, but we’ll take the free parking. So, we are left to wonder again, why would anyone want to be the successor to Disney CEO Bob Iger when it seems that all you will get in return is hatred of the Disney fanbase and continual online abuse for your tenure?

One of the rumored possible successors to Iger has publicly taken himself out of the running. Current NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said he is not interested in becoming Disney’s new CEO.

Rumors about a possible Silver takeover of Disney began to spread earlier this month. Iger and Silver’s contracts with Disney and the NBA run out at the end of 2024, and Silver has experience expanding a global band, both of which helped to fuel the rumors.

Adam Silver say no to Disney

When asked by reporters about the possibility of taking over Disney, Silver responded by saying, “I love my job. I have no intentions of going anywhere.”

Under Silver, the NBA has expanded its footprint into China, making it the most popular sport in the country, something Disney could use some help with these days. Silver has also aligned the NBA with legal online gambling, making the league millions. He also told reporters that he is working on expanding the NBA, possibly with European teams.

In 2020, Silver worked with the NBA Players’ Association to complete the NBA season at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA Finals from the bubble in Disney World.

Adam  Silver would have been an interesting choice to succeed current CEO Bob Iger. While he has no experience in the Theme Park industry, he does have vast experience in marketing and television. However, not it seems he is no longer interested in the job.

Now, the question remains, with the days remaining on Iger’s contract counting down, who will be the next CEO of the Walt Disney Company?

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