Aerial Photo Gives Update on Journey of Water Construction at EPCOT

Journey of Water EPCOT

While almost all of the attention at EPCOT is currently focused on the grand opening of Disney’s latest indoor roller coaster, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, progress still continues on the rest of EPCOT’s ongoing projects.

On Friday, May 27, Theme Park Insider @Bioreconstruct gives fans another look over the barriers with some new aerial photographs at EPCOT, including the current progress on theĀ Moana-themed area “Journey of Water.”

Check it out:

While there is still obviously much work still to be done before Guests can experience this new interactive Park feature, we can see some initial structures beginning to take shape right next to The Seas with Nemo and Friends.

Once completed, Journey of Water will add new “edutainment” and extensive amounts of greenery to its themed land, World Nature, and the Disney World Theme Park as a whole.

EPCOT Journey of Water

Credit: Disney

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“With Journey of Waterā€”this is a good example of how Epcot and Disney intellectual property come together,” said Walt Disney Imagineer Zach Ridley. “Journey of Water inspired by the Moana is another experience that’s coming as part of the vision. And that’s in the World Nature neighborhood, which is on the other side of the park that’s adjacent to The Seas and The Land.”

“You actually get a chance to meet water the same way Moana meets her friend water in the film, and we have some really fun experiences as you move through this trail that are totally unique, invented for this,” Ridley continued. “But the underlying subject is really the importance of preserving water, like the cycle of water, the fact that all water is essentially finite, and it’s important for us to understand its role and to preserve it as a resource, so we’re able to use elements from Moana’s story.”


Credit: Disney

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There is still no opening date planned for Journey of Water at this time. We at Disney Fanatic will continue to monitor this story as well as all other Disney World news and stories, updating our readers as more developments come to light.

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