Anniversary Merch Update: Scalpers Strike Again at Disney Park

Disney Park Merch Scalping
Credit: @robertgcross (left); @newrar (right)

It seems so long ago, now, that the internet was ablaze with how fans went crazy for the Figment popcorn bucket and scalpers began buying in bulk and selling the merchandise at a markup before they even left the Theme Park.

Figment Popcorn Bucket

Credit: Disney

Well, it appears that another Disney Theme Park is having a problem with scalpers and resellers rounding up merchandise.

Disneyland Paris insider @DLPTownSquare shared a picture of one Guest filling a large bag up with 30th Anniversary mugs–each packaged in its own little box, warning future Guests:

“If you want a Starbucks 30th anniversary mug, you may want to be quick.”

Another Disney fan, @robertgcross, shared a screenshot of mugs already on sale online, going for the equivalent of almost $80!

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But it is not just the mugs that are being vacuumed up by the eBay entrepreneurs. Elsewhere in the Park, insiders @DLPRescueRanger and @newrar shared their reseller sightings.

@DLPRescueRanger wrote,

“This morning was the sale of the long-awaited Phantom Manor figurine, limited to 2 per transaction. Let’s have a moved thought for this poor visitor who is probably too optimistic and who finds it difficult to move around with his 6 bags and as many figurines…”

And @newrar followed up by sharing a picture of an entire stack of bags filled with special anniversary merchandise really to sell online.

For the collector, taking advantage of a reseller might actually be the better option. For example, I live in Florida. Paying $100 for a Park-exclusive $20 mug might make more sense if I was just focused on expanding my mug collection than it would be for me to pay for the international flight to Paris and train tickets to Disneyland Paris, and then Disneyland Tickets on top of that. However, it could also be argued that resellers are taking advantage of Cast Members and taking away other Guests’ chances to get the merch they actually took the time, money, and energy to collect in person.

It does not appear, though, that supply shortage was an issue with Disneyland Paris’ merchandise. However, we understand that some of our readers stand by principle over just supply.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on more Disney Parks news as more information comes to light.

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