Guests Reawaken Dragon Beneath Disney Castle!

Dragon Disneyland Paris
Credit: @DLPReport

Across the world, six Disney castles stand as the romantic centerpieces of their respective Disney Theme Park. Two Sleeping Beauty Castle variants stand in the Disneyland Park found in California and Paris, France. Cinderella Castle variants tower over Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World, and Tokyo Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland features the Castle of Magical Dreams, and Shanghai Disneyland boasts the Enchanted Storybook Castle.

Thanks to Walt Disney Imagineering, each one is unique and channels magical fairytale energy. But one of these castles holds a dark secret. No, it is not Walt’s frozen body. Rather, it is a darkness one would expect to find associated with a magical fairytale castle– a large dragon!

Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney

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We at Disney Fanatic have received confirmation that Disneyland Paris visitors can once again venture beneath the Sleeping Beauty Castle and brave La Tanière du Dragon– The Dragon’s Lair!

The news comes from Disneyland Paris insider @DLPReport, who shared a video of the angry-looking animatronic, writing:

“Welcome back, Tanière du Dragon!” 

It should be noted, though, that the Disneyland Paris website still states this attraction is temporarily closed, so we recommend that all Guests visiting Parc Disneyland today check the dungeon’s entrance or with a Cast Member for further confirmation.

A staple of Disneyland Paris since it first opened in 1992, the walkthrough attraction features a fire-breathing dragon sitting in its dungeon chained and defeated. But its eyes are still glowing in fury, its wings are still flapping, and the fire in its belly is still hot–waiting for its chance to retake the kingdom–or at least pick off a few nosy Guests. This is NOT the Maleficent Dragon that appears during the parade “Disney Stars on Parade,” but quite literally a different beast altogether. It was closed to Guests for several months as Sleeping Beauty Castle underwent intense refurbishment in preparation for Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Maleficent, Disney Stars on Parade, Disneyland Paris

Credit: Disney

Disneyland Paris describes the Guest experience on its website as the following:

La Tanière du Dragon: a Fallen Legend

Tip-toe through the dark dungeon “La Tanière du Dragon” underneath Sleeping Beauty Castle, where a monstrous prisoner lurks. Once the ruler of the skies, this defeated dragon lies chained against jagged rocks. It may be dozing, but tread carefully, as one false move will lead to a hot, rumbling surprise.
We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disneyland Paris news as more information comes to light.

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