Disney Park’s FIRST EVER Drone Show

“The future holds so much more. Than we’ve ever seen before. There’s something so magical. Shining from our dream. – Un Monde Qui S’illumine!

A brand new castle show comes alive at what fans consider the most beautiful of all Disney Theme Parks.

On Thursday, March 17, the Disneyland Paris Resort unveiled a new nighttime show in honor of its 30th Anniversary Celebration called “Disney D-Light.”  Opening for the beloved fireworks nighttime spectacular Illuminations, “Disney D-Light” features stunning castle projections and the first-ever incorporation of a nighttime drone show.

The full video was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by Disneyland Paris Insider, @DLPReport, who wrote: “Starting today, an extended, more impressive version of projection and drones show “Disney D-Light” is presented before Disney Illuminations.”

The show begins with a short message said in English and French that says: “For thirty years Disneyland Paris has welcomed dreamers of all ages from all around the world. There’s something so magical shining from all of our dreams. So now, we invite you to dream bigger, smile wider, and laugh louder, together. Let’s make the future brighter than ever. The magic, it’s just begun.” 

In a combination of projections, lasers, lights, fountains, and drone technology, Sleeping Beauty Castle comes alive in dazzling splendor with her iconic star shining bright at the top-most tower.

While this writer admits to being a fan of the 30th Anniversary Anthem, “Un Monde Qui S’Illumine,” the show’s music felt slightly repetitive. There was some incorporation of other Disney Classic songs, but it primarily kept to the same lyrics over and over again–stretching a three-minute song over twice the amount of time.

But the drones steal the show. Although their utilization was a bit basic, their subtle movements in the night sky made an incredible impact. First, we recreate the famous Disney movie opening with Tinkerbell tracing pixie dust over the castle:

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Streaking across from right to left in perfect timing with the music, the drones held their place for a bit before transitioning into sparking stars behind the castle. Then they took what is becoming their most iconic formation: the number 30 slightly altered to appear in the likeness of you-know-who.

There was some variation of the 30 as the projections and fountains danced more the more active parts of the ensemble. The final formation appeared like a globe with the mickey-ear 30 spinning in the middle.

The show ends in a twinkling fade, and Guests crowded in the hub prepared for Illuminations.

A lot has happened at Disneyland Paris recently. Mask Mandates and Vaccine Mandates were dropped, and Character Meet ‘n Greets have returned to normal, huggable, pre-pandemic standards. Construction continues on its own Avengers Campus at Walt Disney Studios Park, and Minnie Mouse got a new look. 

Seeing another drone show work so well makes this writer wonder if Walt Disney Imagineering has any plans to add more drone technology to a new or existing projection light show at any other Disney Theme Park like “World of Color” at Disney California Adventure in The Disneyland Resort or to any projection shows at the Walt Disney World Resort Theme Parks like Magic Kingdom.

The Walt Disney World Resort debuted a drone show at Disney Springs called Starbright Holiday, but there has been little mention of drones since.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disneyland Paris news as more stories come to light.

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