Why Was Ash Falling Over Walt Disney World on February 21?

ash falling disney world
Credit: Disney

There have been strange sights noted at the Disney Parks, ones that are not explicable by Disney and that Disney is certainly not responsible for. Recently, we reported on the “disturbing” black ring photo above a Disney Park that was circulating online. But while many of these can often be explained, one occurrence yesterday sent more than one Florida resident into a tizzy. There were reports of ash falling over Magic Kingdom and EPCOT in Walt Disney World and some surrounding areas, with no explanation as to why that was the case.

Magic Kingdom Disney World

Disney characters Mickey and friends at Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World/Courtesy of Disney

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However, now, more information has come to light.

Journalist Scott Gustin took to the social media platform Twitter to explain why many Guests reported that the air looked “hazy” and “misty” while at either Disney Park. Gustin explained that there was a controlled burn going on in southern Sumter County, the Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve; the ecological burn spanned 1800 acres and sent smoke all the way to Orlando, with some ash falling over Magic Kingdom and EPCOT at well.

Many Disney Guests and fans responded to Gustin’s tweet, sharing their experiences of the same. Twitter user @zannaland shared, “Yes! Ash 5 miles behind MK at my son’s school. Wondered the source. Thank you!”

One fan even shared a photo of how the smoke affected the colors of the sunset:

Ultimately, we’re happy to report that all is well at Walt Disney World, and the smoke and ash were perfectly reasonable occurrences and didn’t present any apparent danger. If you were one of the Guests at the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT yesterday and wondered why ash was falling over the Disney World Theme Park, now you know!

EPCOT Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth, EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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