“Disturbing” Black Ring Above Disney Park Terrifies Guests

black ring disneyland

An unsightly occurrence sent Guests and particularly “doomsday preppers,” into a tizzy when they saw a black ring hovering in the night sky. The Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort are known to be some of the best places in the world for Guests to enjoy a Disney vacation. Any Disney Theme Park at both Disney Resorts is filled with myriad entertainment offerings that truly make the magical moments Guests associate so strongly with the Disney experience.

mickey mouse disneyland park

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Park/Courtesy of Disney

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However, occasionally, Guests happen upon events that are a little out of the realm of Disney. Particularly, an old video that was taken at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Southern California, which captured the moment when Guests saw a disturbing, giant black ring in the sky, terrifying onlookers, has resurfaced on the internet again.

In 2016, YouTuber Kyle Hawkins took a video of a mysterious black ring that, at the time, was hypothesized to be anything from smoke to an alien portal. The video was recently re-shared on the social media platform Reddit and had many Guests trying their hand at figuring out what caused this strange phenomenon.

black ring disneyland

A “disturbing” black ring was spotted above Disneyland Resort/Courtesy of UNILAD/Kyle Hawkins

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As it turns out, these black rings at Disneyland have a straightforward explanation.

As many Disney Fanatics will already know, this is a smoke ring from pyrotechnics. One user u/NICEnEVILmike, particularly mentioned, “Smoke from the fire blast during the World of Color show at [Disney California Adventure Park]. I know this because i work there.  I used to lmfao at people freaking out over this.”

Also of note is that this is a practice that Disneyland has implemented to check for wind. Disneyland frequently has to cancel fireworks if it’s windy due to extreme fire hazards.

disneyland resort pixar pier

Pixar Pier, Disney California Adventure Park/Courtesy of Disney

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Of course, there have definitely been strange sightings at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort before; but this one certainly took the cake for being the most out of a movie. Ultimately, all is well at the Southern California Disney Resort, and Guests and Disney fans alike can rest easy.

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  1. The black ring could indicate reflection of self in an opposite image of ourselves. There! No secrets! If being relevant, then look at what your intentions could be not 😁 Keep being a tea cup! 😜

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