“I Wish Disney Would Ban Alcohol”: Disney World Guest Frustrated at “Wasted” Disney Park Visitors

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Alcohol might be fun at Disney World, but some guests have had enough and made their feelings on the matter more than clear.

The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the best places to enjoy a Disney vacation. The Central Florida Disney Resort is known to be the perfect place for guests to enjoy the ultimate Disney experience with attractions like Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, as well as lands like Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

In addition, there are many wonderful eateries and watering holes like the Nomad Lounge and Cocktail Bar, Liberty Tree Tavern, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, and more. But few experiences are as renowned as Drinking Around the World at EPCOT. It’s one that, while fun, can get out of hand more easily than not, as one guest shared.

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Parent Frustrated at “Wasted” Guests at Disney World’s EPCOT, Shares Shocking Story

Recently, Disney guests discussed the worst behavior they had seen at the parks online when one parent shared a shocking story. The parent explained that typically, they’d seen the worst behavior from wasted guests, exclaiming, “I’m so tired of this.”

The parent even went so far as to say, “I wish Disney would ban alcohol or at least limit it with some sort of counting connection to your ticket,” acknowledging full well that Disney would not do so considering how much revenue they make off alcohol.

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Wine Bar George at Disney Springs, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

The parent explained,

Years ago in Epcot (I know this is DL) during food and wine, a group of drunk college guys actually got screaming angry at my FOUR year old child who had one of those Mickey light up wand/swords. Was my child hitting them or in their space? No. My child had his wand on… but was waving it around a lot. One guy said he was too wasted turned around and threw his beer in my child’s direction and yelled at him/us. Now bc he was so wasted he missed us by a mile… but seriously?!? You are 20 HE WAS FOUR!!! And he was being a good boy too, just playing with his wand minding his own business to the side.

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Some fans in the thread didn’t believe the guest’s story, but the guest clarified that they had no reason to lie. They also called out, “Have you seen some of the stories that have happened in the parks?!? Mine is tame by comparison.”

On the other hand, others sympathized with the guest, even clarifying that how the men behaved with the family could be categorized as “assault.”

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Ultimately, the guest explained they hadn’t felt threatened by the men but did insist that their behavior was inappropriate. The guest finally reported the men’s behavior to a cast member before leaving EPCOT.

It should go without saying that while enjoying a drink or two at the parks is undoubtedly great fun, going overboard and acting to the detriment of other guests is unacceptable.

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  1. Booze at Disney Springs is OK, but not at the Parks.

  2. Epcot should be known to all as the “alcohol park”. If you don’t wish for you or your family to be around that atmosphere, there are 3 other parks, 2 water parks and numerous other options for you. I for one, visit WDW with my entire family simply for the Food & Wine Festivals. Eating and Drinking are the only reason we visit Orlando and Florida at all. Leave Epcot for visitors just like us!

  3. I have been going to the parks since the week WDW opened and thousands of times over the years. The EPCOT food & wine is one of if not the Best of all! I have NEVER witnessed a DRUNK EVER! For tourists that doesn’t drink or like being around where a ( possible) drunk my be simply because they are having a good time enjoying the event then the answer is simple DO NOT GO TO EPCOT DURING THE FOOD AND WINE!!!!! the odds are if you go you will never see a drunk so stop forcing Disney to cancel THEIR event !!!

  4. Enjoying food and drink is undoubtedly a part of any vacation or experience. I don’t shun nor do I condemn anyone from enjoying their vacation experience. Enjoying an alcoholic beverage is a part of that experience. Whether you are pro-alcohol or not, it is the right of any adult to enjoy it or pass on it. However, the length in which you drink depends on the atmosphere.

    Drinking alcoholic beverages should be enjoyed, especially when on vacation with family and/or friends. The amount of alcohol that is consumed should be dictated by the atmosphere in which you are consuming alcohol.

    The first night of you vacation, you want to let loose, you would like to go with your spouse, or your friends, or a member of your family to go drink to have a good time. By all means, you should do so. If your plan is to drink until you forget your name, then going to a place such as a pub or bar would be appropriate. It is exactly what the venue is for; drinking alcohol. To see someone or a bunch of people appearing to be intoxicated is expected and the proper place to do so yourself. After all, that’s the goal.

    If your plan is to go to enjoy a drink or two while taking in all that is to offer, such as food, music, attractions and entertainment. Also, if your goal is just to relax and enjoy the evening, then just about any venue that serves alcohol would be appropriate, including a theme park that is family oriented.

    So the bottom line, in my opinion is this: Decide your goal before you go to any venue. Getting drunk is your decision. Enjoying the evening with a few drinks without getting drunk, is also your decision. Part of those decisions is where you plan to do either. Getting drunk until you forget your name or become obnoxious is not appropriate at a family theme park. Telling other people that they need not visit a family theme park, or choose a different park due the possibility of running into a drunken guest, is also not appropriate. It is the right to choose to get drunk or not. It is also the right of families to not be subjected to outward drunkenness or have to avoid certain parks due to the possibility. If you plan to drink; consider the atmosphere or venue to dictate when enough is enough.

  5. I don’t drink but never saw any drunken people, I have been hit with kids flying their swords around. Disney doesn’t allow selfie sticks but do sell swords for little kids to play around with, so it’s ok when a parent thinks it’s cute for the child to hit someone with a sword because “ he’s a good boy”

  6. I went at Christmas time and there were plenty of people drunk. I am in a wheelchair paralyzed from mid back down. I had a couple of girls fall on me an tipped my wheelchair and me on its side. Their friends helped them up and laughed and left. They thought it was so funny. Good thing my sister was there but my 9yr was crying and she has autism. Then when we in frozen line a girl was so drunk her friend was holding her up. She let her go to answer her phone and her frien fell on my lap, both girls just laughed it didn’t happen once but 3 times if I could of gotten out of the cue I would of my sister and I told them what is wrong with you they said what’s wrong with you crippled or are you a fake to get attention my sister went off said hope you don’t get in a bad care accident like her and a drunk like you hits you where your car is total. where we almost lost her and daughter would have no mother we are lucky she is alive. You have no clue what we been though for 2 years. All we want to do is have fun with her daughter. All they did was laugh she is till a crippled. I think Disney should give a punch card and when it’s full you are cut off. Now there’s drinking in MK

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