Insane Theory Has Bluey’s Family Living a Life of Crime

Bluey crime family theory
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One of the most popular children’s television shows in the world is¬†Bluey — a show about a Blue Heeler puppy and her family. Bluey has a mom named Chilli, a dad named Bandit, and a sister named Bingo — and they live in a gorgeous part of Australia.¬†Bluey¬†premiered in Australia in 2018 and exploded in popularity and, in 2019, Disney purchased the show’s international streaming rights.

Bluey Family

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While¬†Bluey¬†is targeted towards children, it is not your typical children’s show. It talks about very serious and sensitive topics, but does so on a level that makes it easier for children to comprehend. Over three seasons, the show has discussed things like death, miscarriages, infertility, and more.

However, there is one thing that the Heeler family hasn’t dug too deep into — crime. Now, why is that? Does the show not want to teach children that stealing is wrong? Not according to one wild theory.

Parents Cautioned Bluey Topics

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TikToker Zach Mander said that he thinks the Bandit and Chilli are keeping a big secret from their children. He speculated that the two are actually part of an international crime syndicate.

Now, you may be thinking, “What? That’s crazy!” But, according to Zach, it’s one of the few ways he can believe that parents can afford the life they have. The area where they live is too expensive for the jobs that they have. The house alone would have cost nearly one million dollars, and most parents know that raising one child is not cheap, much less two.

You can hear Zach’s theory below.


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Zach’s theory made its way to Reddit, where some others thought that Bandit and Chilli weren’t the only members of the family who were involved in the secret “family business.” Some believed that Bandit’s brothers — Stripe and Rad — might also be a part of it.

Are Stripe and Rad in on it too?

Uncle Rad is on an oil rig in international waters and is older but unmarried.

Also Stripe took a holiday in Bali.


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Although, based on what we see of Rad and Stripe’s personalities in the show, only one brother seems to be fit to actually work in a crime family.

Stripe is in on it, but Rad is not.

Stripe and his family appear to be living a lifestyle comparatively equivalent to Bandit’s. Whereas Rad seems to be a bit more struggling.

I’d reckon that Rad is the most honest/naive of the brothers, and has this been left out of things because he would spill the beans and muck it up. In return, the other two brothers will give him a little help with occasional trips and such (maybe paying for his off-screen wedding?)

Stripe, Rad, and Bandit Bluey show

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Buying the international rights to¬†Bluey¬†was an incredibly smart move on Disney’s part. According to reports, the show is the most popular children’s show on Disney+. It is also being aired on Disney Junior and the Disney Channel, where it sees a lot of success.

Despite its popularity,¬†Bluey¬†is not without its criticisms or struggles. Disney has been accused of “watering down” the show for American audiences, but some changes need to be made to Australian phrases. The show has also been accused of “fat-shaming.” There is also an episode that Disney will not air that involves Bandit pretending to be pregnant and giving birth.

Disney banned Bluey dad baby episode

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In addition to that, parents have been warned about allowing their children to watch Bluey by themselves. Because of the sensitive topics that Bluey discusses, children may ask their parents questions that they are not ready to answer. Parents are encouraged to watch the show with their children so they can figure out how to discuss heavy topics together.

What do you think about this new Bluey theory? Let us know in the comments!

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