Parents Warned About Allowing Children to Watch Hit Show ‘Bluey’

Parents Cautioned Bluey Topics
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In just five years, one show has gone from the televisions of Australian children to televisions around the world.¬†Bluey, which premiered in 2018, has shot to the top of the charts and is one of the most popular and successful children’s shows of all time. The show centered around¬†Bluey, a Blue Heeler, and her family. Bluey has a sister named Bingo Heeler, her mom Chilli Heeler, and her dad, Bandit Heeler.

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One of the things that makes¬†Bluey¬†so popular is the fact that it doesn’t just teach kids how to read or write their ABCs. It doesn’t teach them new words in a foreign language or show them how to tie their shoes.¬†Bluey¬†tackles tough topics that can be heavy, even for adults.

And that is why parents are being warned before allowing their children to dive into the world of the Heeler family.


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Bluey producer Daley Pearson said that, while they want the show to be funny, they also want to show the real aspects of what it means to be a parent. Kids are exposed to some serious issues at a young age, and Bluey refuses to shy away from it.

“There are really two things going on. One is making the kids laugh. We also want each episode to be about something and about real life and what parenting is like. We have found that only 11% of the episodes are watched solo. It’s a family experience and a family show.

If you put ‘Bluey’ on at home, the first thing that happens is the kids jump up and start dancing to the theme tune. And then they start laughing at what is going on. The parents then start laughing because there are jokes in there for parents too. Suddenly you are in the middle of this family situation where everyone is having a good time.”


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One of the most difficult topics the show had to work with was actually a surprising one — bathroom usage. Everyone goes to the bathroom, but how do you talk about it in a way that kids understand and in a way that won’t get you in trouble with regulation agencies?

Despite it being difficult to properly talk about when and how to use the bathroom, that is one of the lighter of the more serious topics Bluey has broached.

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It is estimated that nearly 20% of woman who become pregnant suffer from a miscarriage in their life. Bluey¬†tackled that emotional topic. In one episode, it is revealed that Bluey’s mother suffered from a miscarriage. Then, there is Bluey’s aunt, who doesn’t visit the family very often. She learns that it is because her aunt desperately wanted to have children, but was not able to. Infertility and fertility issues are also extremely common, and Bluey¬†spoke about it with kindness and compassion.


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As with many Disney movies, Bluey also tackled the subject of death. Death is something that is also hard for adults to understand, so helping children understand a complex topic on their level is something that needs to keep happening.

Bluey is constantly praised for being one of the best shows out there for children and families. However, before parents plop their kids down to watch a really cute animated show, it is important that they be aware that the show may come with curious kids who ask some serious questions. Bluey does its best to teach about real-world topics in an empathetic and beautiful way.

All three seasons of Bluey are currently available to stream on Disney+

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