Tornado Visits Walt Disney World

tornado walt disney world

Published: September 15, 7:12 PM EST

Updated: September 15, 7:30 PM EST

After a warning, a tornado appeared to visit and almost touch down in the Walt Disney World Resort, in EPCOT, per multiple reports.

Extreme weather is certainly is not a preferred part of a Walt Disney World vacation, but considering the Walt Disney World Resort is in Central Florida, it does occasionally happen. Guests can always breathe easy knowing that Disney has a plan and system in place for both their and Cast Members’ safety on these kinds of occasions, including today.

tornado walt disney world

Tornado Nearing Walt Disney World/Andrew Klatt

Per a photo posted to social media by users Andrew Klatt and Daniel Robertson, a tornado appeared to be close to the Walt Disney World Resort, after a series of warnings in the area. The tornado warning issued earlier today for the Walt Disney World area was active until 8:30 PM. People were reportedly running from the scene and trying to find shelter in the Park.

tornado walt disney world

A tornado nearing the Walt Disney World Resort/Daniel Robertson

Some Park Guests also took to social media to share the news and more photos on their end. Disney Park Guest Shoulder, @LittleShellder, posted on Twitter:

Park Guests Adam and Kristin shared to their Facebook presence “Adam and Kristin Stream Disney” a reel capturing the storm forming above EPCOT as well. Click here to see more.

tornado disney world

Funnel cloud at EPCOT/Adam and Kristin Stream Disney

These kinds of situations are undoubtedly scary, but from active weather trackers to keeping rain and wind shelters up to date, Disney has multiple systems in place that will keep visitors to the Parks safe in times of an emergency such as this one.

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It’s always important to remember to keep in mind certain safeguards of your own while planning a Disney World trip: check your travel plans for insurance, and familiarize yourself with other protocols for things like flight cancellations. Once at Walt Disney World, Cast Members will help keep everyone safe in the event of extreme weather.

Lastly, always be sure to follow all Cast Members’ instructions (during extreme weather situations and otherwise) to ensure your safety.

 September 15 2022; 7:30 PM EST 

The Twitter user Shoulder, @LittleShellder then later clarified on Twitter that the tornado went away, and had now morphed into a thunderstorm to the relief of both Guests at the Park as well as fellow fans and well-wishers online.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to keep you updated on this and all other Disney Park news as it comes to light.

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