Bud-Light Boycott Round 2? Disney Threatened After Partnering With Gender-Fluid Influencer

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Credit: Seann Altman, TikTok; Disney

Once again, fans are unhappy with the Walt Disney Company and are threatening a Bud Light-style boycott after Disney partnered with Seann Altman.

The Walt Disney Company has been dealing with controversy after controversy recently. From the accusations of being too woke to the opposite criticism of Disney not doing enough for minorities, lately, it seems Disney is faced with criticism from its fans all around.

cinderella castle magic kingdom

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Disney Collaborates with Influencer Seann Altman

The latest issue Disney has found itself wrapped up in has to do with social media influencer Seann Altman. Disney Style—a social media brand from the Walt Disney Company which focuses on fashion, makeup, and accessories—collaborated with gender-fluid TikToker, Seann Altman for a dress-like Minnie challenge. While Altman does enjoy gender-fluid dress up, he uses he/him pronouns per his Instagram.

In the video, Altman demonstrated how fans could dress like Minnie Mouse, and fans adored his look in a classic red dress. The Disney Style TikTok account even commented, “as iconic as minnie herself!”


#ad Minnie is ME! I fit right in with Mickey and his friends! @disneystyle #mickeyfriendsstaytrue #Disney100 #grwm #ootd #minniemouse #disneyoutfits #disneycosplay

♬ original sound – Seann Altman

However, many parents and fans reacted angrily to the collaboration and ad. X, formerly known as Twitter, personality Linda Marie Loviso shared,

Disney thinks parents and children are really dumb, and as evil as they are. PARENTS – Cut out all Disney from your family’s life.”

Another former fan shared, “Disney is [absolutely] DEAD in my family. We will not spend a dime on anything Disney until management promotes AMERICAN values again.”

Many also commented that the founder of the Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, was turning over in his grave at the news. This sentiment has been expressed frequently with many of Disney’s recent decisions, especially in light of the company’s alleged wokeness.

Fans Liken Disney’s Partnership to Bud Light Controversy with Dylan Mulvaney

Multiple fans also likened Disney’s collaboration to Bud Light’s collaboration earlier this year with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which ended up costing the company $27 billion off its brand value. In fact, as reported by The Daily Mail, “Anheuser-Busch InBev, the brand’s parent company, lost a staggering $390 million in US sales in the wake of the crisis,” which the brand attributed to its collaboration with TikToker Mulvaney.

At the time of publishing, neither Disney nor Altman have released an official statement about the controversy and call for a boycott.

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