Disney Guest Wants Cast Member to “Turn Off the Rain”

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A former Cast Member recently shared one of the strangest theories and requests she’d received during her time at the Disney Parks.

The Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth” and the “Happiest Place on Earth,” respectively. Guests who frequent a Theme Park at either Disney Resort have the chance to experience some of their favorite rides and attractions and meet their favorite characters. The people who make this happen and are the heart of this Disney experience are the Cast Members, who sometimes have the strangest stories.


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This particular story from a Cast Member is to do with rain. As Guests may know, Disneyland Resort in Southern California doesn’t see a lot of rain. So when it does happen, it can feel a little strange. Of course, some Guests seem to take this to the next level, as one Guest in TikTok user @irlmiranda shared.

The former Cast Member took to the platform to share an interesting experience with a rude Guest, who demanded that she “turn off the rain.”


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@irlmiranda shares in the video that one stormy morning at Disneyland, a Guest came up to her and demanded that she “turn off the rain.” The Guest believed there was a dome over Disneyland and that Cast Members controlled said dome. The Guest demanded that the rain be turned off and that it wasn’t “fair” that it was even turned on, as it was ruining her family’s time at the Disney Park.

@irlmiranda shares that she explained to the Guest there was no dome over Disneyland Resort and that Cast Members couldn’t, in fact, control the weather. The OP then explained she later found out the angry Guest had gone and filed a complaint at Guest Services, saying that the Cast Member “refused to turn off the rain.” The Cast Member’s manager just waved it off, explaining that these kinds of complaints did come in from time to time.

Disneyland Park Castle

Disney Characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle/Disney

In the comments, many fellow and former CMs also corroborated this. TikTok user Caroleidoscope said, “I was a CM at WDW, and I had a similar encounter. She genuinely thought we could control the rain.”

Another CM called Tiny Rage Cosplay on TikTok also added, “Omg I had that happen to me at Fantasmic! A lady demanded I turn off the rain and turn up the heat and when I was confused she said “it’s ok I know about the dome” and when I said dome? She said “the dome over the park where you guys control the weather so we buy ponchos.”

Needless to say, no matter how wonderful the Disney Cast Members are, it does go without saying they can’t control the weather.

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