Can Chat GPT Plan Your Next Disney Trip? The Answer is Going to Surprise You

Chat GPT Disney Vacation Planning

It would appear as though AI is taking over the world. Disney introduced their new AI characters for Park meet and greets, and Disney animators are looking at AI as the future of animation and seeing their possible replacements. But what about the planning process for your Walt Disney World vacation? Can AI replace the tried and true guidebooks or your own personal Disney sherpa?

The answer to those questions is, well, possibly. I decided to put Chat GPT to the test and see if it could design an itinerary for someone with a good amount of Disney knowledge and see if that would work for someone who doesn’t know much about Walt Disney World.

Bloomberg News tried this same experiment with a trip to a trip to Paris and had some success with it. So, I decided to give it a try using my favorite vacation spot, Walt Disney World.

Chat GPT Disney Vacation Planning

The sad reality was that Chat GPT’s itinerary wasn’t that bad. There were a few flaws and issues with outdated information, but other than it; the computer program was able to come up with a solid plan for someone who had never been to Walt Disney World Parks before.

The parameters I put in were elementary: I wanted a five-night, six-day itinerary for Walt Disney World, which included rides, a hotel, and meals. My first mistake was not being more specific about the meals. Chat GPT gave me three squares a day, mostly at sit-down restaurants. While it did pick solid, fan-favorite restaurants, it’s not possible or financially feasible to have three sit-down meals daily at Disney World.

I was also a little vague about the hotel choice, and it put me at the Grand Floridian. While it’s a great hotel, and I wouldn’t mind staying there, it is also costly. After a quick review of the itinerary that Chat GPT set up for me on Disney’s website, I realized that my six-day trip would cost more than $10,000, including the hotel, tickets, and all of those meals. Not to mention the insane amount of calories I would consume, but that’s not a concern for now.

Those seem to be more user errors than an error with the system. I tried several more times with more specific information about my hotels and only planned one meal a day, and it came back with less expensive options.

Every day was set up perfectly for my trip. Chat GPT gave me a range of rides to try at every Park without being overwhelming. It also includes breaks throughout the day and a second Park in the evening for rides and dinner. I was impressed with its ability to arrange each day and have everything I could need.

The itinerary was complete without being overwhelming. It also allowed enough time to do everything that Chat GPT suggested, but it wasn’t so packed that you couldn’t change your mind if you found something cool that your party wanted to do. It also included some time at Typhoon Lagoon and Disney Springs.

There were a couple of drawbacks, though. It was dealing with some outdated information. Right off the bat, it told me to take the Magical Express to my hotel. Not a thing anymore. It also had outdated names for the fireworks shows at the Parks.

If you’re interested in some of the newer rides, you will have to do that research yourself. It did not include anything about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge or Toy Story Land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It also didn’t have any of the new updates at EPCOT or any information about Tron at Magic Kingdom.

Chat GPT Disney Vacation Planning

Here’s another big issue that I found. If you don’t know that much about Disney Parks, you’re going to struggle with Chat GPT’s lack of guidance. For me, it was fine, but this will all depend on how much knowledge of Parks you have. I didn’t mind the open-ended nature of some days, but some people will struggle with that.

So, as a tool or a place to get started, Chat GPT wasn’t that bad. If you are planning your first trip to Walt Disney World, it’s a good place to start. Be specific as possible, and you’ll get your desired results. If you don’t know, be vague and then narrow your choices down. I was pretty impressed with Chat GPT’s ability to plan and create a solid Disney itinerary.

Try it on your next Disney vacation and see where it might take you.

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