Athletes Begin Disruptive “Battle” In Disney Line

two cheerleading squads battling while in line for disney ride

Many Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or international Disney Park Guests are very, very familiar with the fact that Disney ride or attraction wait times and lines can be frustratingly long.

Ride breakdowns and constant roller coaster malfunctions have become so commonplace in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort that many Disney Guests are actually accounting for the ride delays as part of their Disney vacations in advance, and this has only heightened the pressure placed on short wait times!

One particularly clear example of just how highly-prized places in line have become at the Disney Parks has just presented itself, in the form of two competing cheerleading squads who paid a visit to Walt Disney World Resort.


While waiting in line for a Disney World ride, two groups of young cheerleaders began chanting cheers in a “battle” against one another. It’s not clear who the winner was, or whether or not the winning cheerleading squad actually got to take the better place in line, but being given a place further in line would certainly be a prize that many Disney fans would hold dear!

While this might have seemed like a ‘cheery’ (pun intended) way for the cheerleaders and their team members to distract themselves in the line — and perhaps a not-so-subtle reminder of just how highly-prized a good place in line can be within a theme park — many people who watched the TikTok video from @tmac2088 (shown below) were less than impressed.


“I would’ve been so fed up,” one TikTok user replied. “I would’ve gotten out of line,” another person declared. “Probably been there all d*mn day.”

“Head already hurting,” another TikTok user wrote, emphasizing that the cheerleaders’ yelling would probably have irritated many other people in the line. “I’m sure it’s hot and all that breath doesn’t help.”


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Some Disney fans expressed dismay at the negative reactions, saying that the cheerleaders were just “kids having fun”, but the overall consensus seemed to be negative.

Cheerleaders are not an uncommon sight in Disney Parks, since Walt Disney World Resort actually hosts plenty of cheerleading competitions, and since cheerleaders or marching bands have been known to perform in Disney events or parades.

However, hearing loud cheer battles while waiting for Disney rides in long queues seems like a new experience for many Disney Guests! How would you react to this cheer “battle” in person?

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