‘Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers’ Trailer Is Released

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Fans of the classic chipmunk duo Chip ‘n Dale can reunite as the rodents’ new Disney+ Rescue Rangers film approaches! The official trailer for Chip n’ Dale Rescue Rangers was just released, and it looks like this movie will provide viewers with a heady mix of self-aware humor and nostalgia.

Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers was a Disney Channel show that initially lasted from 1989 to 1990 and was aired via reruns until 1993. The successful television series revolved around Chip and Dale’s detective agency, where they solved tiny crimes (committed by villains like Fat Cat or Norton Nimnul) with the help of companions Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack, and Zipper.

This show will follow the same theme, but is approaching this reboot in a fourth-wall-breaking way: Chip and Dale acknowledge their old show and resist their reunion during the film, with Chip saying that “no one wants a reboot!”.

Chip and Dale

The ‘Rescue Ranger’ Chip and ‘Rescue Ranger’ Dale in a Disney Park.

In the official trailer, it is revealed that this Disney+ animated movie is also going to be poking a lot of fun at the animation styles that have changed over the years. One highlight of the movie looks like it will be Chip’s decision to stick with his regular 2-D animation from the show and old Disney animation, while Dale admits to having “the CGI surgery done”. Featuring both characters at the same time, with completely different animation styles, is a great way to show off the differences between the two!

There’s also a scene shown at the end of the trailer that features one particularly awkward stage of animation. “Remember that animation style where everything looked real, but nothing looked right?” Chip asks, right before the chipmunks meet some characters who are exhibiting the style. Many video game players will recognize this stage of animation from the last two decades.

chip n dale

Credit: @thelonelyisland

Overall, this new movie looks like a funny, wisecracking Disney+ film that will provide lots of laughs and chuckles for modern fans while also including lots of little nods to the original show for fans from 1989! And with Saturday Night Live writer John Mulaney and comedian Andy Samberg playing Chip and Dale respectively (not to mention an appearance from actor Seth Rogen, seen in his role at the end of the trailer), it’s no surprise that there will be laughs all around. The fact that Roger Rabbit makes an appearance will also be a delight for Who Framed Roger Rabbit fans!

Keegan Michael-Key, Erica Bana, Will Arnett, J.K. Simmons, and Kiki Layne are also in the movie, and the film will begin streaming on Disney+ on May 20! The Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers movie was directed by Akiva Schaffer, who is another third in the comedy trio “The Lonely Island” opposite Andy Samberg and Jorma Taccone.

Chip n dale

The logo from the original show ‘Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers’ Credit: Wikipedia

Andy Samberg shared a countdown to the trailer’s release on Instagram yesterday, as well as hints about a new poster for the Disney movie which can be seen above.

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