CONFIRMED: First Look of Walt the Dreamer Statue

walt the dreamer d23

The first look of the Walt the Dreamer statue that’s going to live in the Walt Disney World Resort is finally here!

With D23 upon us, we’re finally getting the sneak peeks and updates we’ve been waiting for, and they already have us incredibly excited. Between new details for upcoming attractions and a new restaurant for Tiana in Disneyland, Disney has fans on the edge of their seats.

And now, they’ve given us the first look at the Walt the Dreamer statue.

Spaceship Earth, EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

Spaceship Earth, EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort/Disney

The statue is coming to EPCOT, and the story behind this tugs at our heartstrings. Journalist Ashley Carter took to Twitter to share the first look.

Check it out:

The statue was accompanied by a plaque that read the following text:

Walt Disney said that EPCOT should always be in a state of becoming. He wanted to create a space that inspires people to keep dreaming of the future and celebrate the magic of possibility. When our new statue finds its home in the neighborhood of World Celebration, we hope that it inspires this global community to always keep dreaming of a better tomorrow.” 

The Disney Park EPCOT was a pet project of Walt’s, but he passed away before he had a chance to see it to fruition. In many ways, this statue is a symbol of his dream becoming a reality as he surveys the work that was carried on after his death. It will live in a new area of EPCOT called Dreamer’s Point.


The Walt Disney Magic Kingdom statue, “Partners”/Disney

This isn’t the only news in relation to EPCOT.

Disney also gave us some incredibly exciting details about the new “Journey of Water” attraction inspired by Moana that’s coming to the Disney Park. They shared photos of the sizeable version of the Polynesian goddess Te Fiti who will also be a part of the attraction.

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We at Disney Fanatic will be on the ground at D23, bringing you all D23 updates as they come to light.

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