Video: New Princess Cruises Ad Mocks Expensive Disney Vacations, Offers ‘Real Magic’

It is no secret that a Walt Disney World vacation is expensive, and while many Disney fans are part of a devoted fan base that will continue to plan vacations regardless of increasing price points, another vacation company is hoping to use this point to sway those who aren’t so sure. In the latest commercial created by Princess Cruises, the company showcases their trips to Alaska in terms of how travelers can essentially see the ‘real’ version of sites typically found in a Disney theme park. Take a look at the ad below:

The commercial seems to hint as closely as it can that the subject matter is Walt Disney World without spelling it out altogether, offering travelers experiences in places like “Animal Kingdoms” and “Wilderness Lodges,” and even “Main Streets.” The ad even goes so far as to point out the use of trains, which are of course a part of Disney theme parks as the Railroad is a staple of the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, but the mention of trains even recalls back to Walt Disney himself and his love of trains before the parks ever existed. At one point in the ad, a Guest even appears to be wearing something close to a MagicBand, which might imply that similar but ‘more real’ experiences are to be had with Princess.

Walt Disney World Railroad

Credit: Disney

The ad ends with the words, “Where the magic is real, all for half the price (of theme park vacations)”. While this point may be true regarding the price differences, the campaign is sort of odd because they are comparing entirely different products. We can’t imagine that most people would be surprised to learn that most cruises (many Disney Cruise Line sailings excluded) cost less than a Disney theme park vacation. But with so much buzz in the media lately over up charging and the rising costs of a Disney vacation, we can see why Princess chose to run the ad the way that they did.

Tiger, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Ironically enough, when I did a search on Princess Cruises to Alaska, I was immediately shown an ad for Disney Crusie Line above the Princess results. Of course, being a writer on this site, it is always possible that my browsing history makes me more likely to see Disney ads in general, but it seemed like an interesting note given the context of the ad!

And of course, the real-world destinations shown in Princess Cruises’ ad do offer ‘real magic.’ But you could easily argue that magic is real to the Guests who visit Disney theme parks, and for more…authentic…magic still on a Disney vacation, fans can also consider a Disney Cruise Line vacation or Adventures by Disney trip, which have both included Alaskan itineraries.

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