Couple THRIVES at Disney World While Leaving Kids at Home

Couple at Disney World
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Disney World adults are a topic of much debate lately. The park is often hailed as a place for family fun with young children and not a serious getaway for adults seeking adventure. However, one couple recently explained how they, in fact, THRIVED during their recent trip to the Florida theme park. It turns out there are some benefits to visiting Disney World sans kids.

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Leaving the Children at Home

Disney World is traditionally every child’s dream, so some parents might hesitate or feel guilty about embarking on this journey without their little ones. However, there are undeniably stresses to entertaining kids in a theme park. The fear of long lines, overstimulation, and relentless requests for ice cream can understandably deter even the largest Disney fans. Yet, as this couple’s story reveals, a child-free Disney excursion can be a liberating experience.

Cody Adams and his wife Nicole decided to celebrate a milestone birthday at the iconic resort without their children. Their youngsters’ absence allowed them to immerse themselves in a Disney experience tailored to adults fully. They reveled in the freedom to explore the park at their own pace, savoring margaritas in Mexico, sampling German beer in EPCOT, and venturing into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios without strollers, nagging bathroom breaks or whining.

Childless Disney Adults

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Couple at Disney World

EPCOT, often overshadowed by the appeal of Magic Kingdom for families, was the most essential place in their adult-centered adventure. They indulged in EPCOT’s culinary offerings and drinking options without distraction. There has arguably been a lot of debate over the emerging presence of drunk adults at the park, but most visitors can avoid overdoing it or causing a scene.

A visit to Olga’s Cantina, a Star Wars-themed bar, was also a standout experience for this couple at Disney World. The early morning reservation was an unconventional choice but perfectly suited their itinerary, where they got to ride the major Star Wars attractions at the start of their day.

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Exploring Less Appealing Attractions

Even though they still cherished moments at Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, the absence of their kids allowed them to explore portions of Disney World previously overlooked. The couple avoided classic children’s rides and princess-themed attractions. Instead, they spent time in less appealing offerings like the Hall of Presidents. Adams stressed that his kids would never let them sit through the boring attraction if they had come on the getaway.

Ultimately, their trip to Disney World without children was, in their words, a success. It allowed them to spend time with each other and explore the park with a newfound sense of freedom. However, they did end their story by saying they can’t wait to bring their kids next time. While the park’s family-friendly reputation is well-deserved, this couple’s tale suggests that there’s room for adults to thrive in the Disney World experience. Life’s hard enough for everyone, and gatekeeping what brings someone joy is not a good look.

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