Crazy Ways To Save For Your Next Disney Trip

Disney World with MONEY
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We all know Disney World is expensive. Most of us just do not have thousands of dollars floating around to drop at a moment’s notice. While there are tons of ways to save for a Disney vacation like only eating at quick service locations and staying at a value resort, we piled together a list of five CRAZY ways you can save for your next trip.

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1. The Whole No Starbucks and Avocado Toast Mindset

It has been going around the internet for ages that if those darn millennials would just stop buying expensive coffees and stop eating that darned avocado toast they could buy a house. ┬áSpoiler alert: You can not buy a house with the money you save. There are 260 workdays in a year. If you spend $5 on coffee daily that’s literally $1,300. An avocado at Walmart costs $0.88 and a loaf of bread $1.32. Last time we checked, you can’t buy a house for $2000. You can though for $2000 have a Disney World fund.

2. Eating Only  SUPER Cheap Meals

If you are not a Disney foodie, you can go SUPER cheap on your meals. Pack with you what you need or head back to your hotel room during meal times. For example, a 12-pack of┬áMaruchan Chicken Ramen costs $2.84 at Walmart, and a jar of peanut butter is $1.84, and a loaf of white bread is $1.32. If you only drink Disney’s free water in the parks, you’d spend $6 on your meals with the above. This can save you hundreds! Or you can do this at home before your trip to save money and then splurge on quick service options in Disney World.

3. Drive. Take A Bus! Take A Train!

Credit: Sunshine Flyer

While to some this is a no-brainer to drive to Disney World but when you are coming from a long distance and with kids sometimes flying is just easier. Though it is in no way cheaper. According to Travel Math, the drive to Orlando from Philadephia would be $277. Flights per person from Philly to Orlando on American Airlines cost about $375. Time to load up your car! MegaBus and other charters always cost much less than a flight and take the stress away from driving. If you want to feel old-timey, take a train and relax in style. It’s still cheaper than flying!

4. The Internet Toliet Paper Hack

Going around social media a while back people were outraged when someone claimed they never buy toilet paper. So what do they do? They steal toilet paper and paper towels from public bathrooms! While we do not condone stealing, it brought up a good point that you can within reason take advantage of per se freebies. Save those extra napkins, utensils, and ketchup packets you get from your takeout orders, don’t throw them out! Save your leftovers for another meal or snack. When chopping up vegetables don’t throw the ends out, save them to make a broth for soup, same goes for bones!

A little girl gets her nails done

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5. Cut/Dye Your Own Hair

Getting your hair done in a major city can cost hundreds!! Dollar Tree sells hair dye for $1.25 and hair-cutting scissors for the same price. Going to the salon too to get your nails done, oh yea they have a multitude of colors for again $1.25.

What are some crazy ways you have saved money?


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