We Just LOVE These Quick Service Restaurants at Disney World Resorts

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You already know that there are several Walt Disney World Resorts that play host to several acclaimed table-service restaurants. Of course, there is the highly hailed Victoria & Albert’s over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa and other notable establishments at this location.

The Contemporary is the site for such finds as Chef Mickey’s, Steakhouse 71, and California Grill, to name a few. And let’s not forget about the Wilderness Lodge’s Storybook Dining at Artist’s Point. The list goes on and on.

But what if you’re not going for all the fanfare of a full-service sit-down meal and are instead looking for the convenience of a counter-service meal that still maintains quality and taste? The great news is that Disney, forever exceeding the standards of exceptional dining, also offers elevated epicurean undertakings at many of their quick-service locations onsite at various Resorts. From an array of diverse menus to providing convenient grab-and-go items in addition to specialty baked goods, we’re listing our top 10 favorite quick-service restaurants at Disney World Resorts.

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10. El Mercado de Coronado

Formerly known as the Pepper Market, this is the primary food court over at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. And it keeps with the Resort’s overlaying theme with traditional Mexican décor and style while offering plenty of spacious seating for diners.

Here you’ll discover a broad range of different menu options throughout the day, dished up via multiple serving stations. From traditional breakfast offerings to novel specialties for lunch and dinner, they’ve got you covered in all that you could ever want. They even have a host of flatbread specialties to rave about in addition to pasta, sandwiches, and other enticements. And let’s not forget about their wonderful variation of different margaritas to try out!

Mercado sign

Credit: Disney

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9. Centertown Market

Get lost in island-inspired enticements galore at this favored establishment over at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Themed for being an elaborate street market scene straight out of the Caribbean, the décor, thatched roof, lavish wall mural, and other nods to island life all work perfectly in conveying the sense of the tropics.

The food has a lot to echo in regards to island-like sentiments as well, with an abundance of Latin and Caribbean cuisine hits being offered around the clock. From such specialties as rice bowls to their Jamaican-style half-chicken, along with their unique Mixed Grill Platter, there are plenty of exotic eats to indulge in. But for those who like to keep to the familiar favorites, there’s also plenty in the way of mainstay American staples. Breakfast is especially traditional, although there are several unique features to note, particularly in their plant-based offerings.

Seating is available to Guests both indoors and outdoors. The latter provides for a covered patio setup, perfect for dining al fresco, even on rainy days.


Credit: Disney

8. Gasparilla Island Grill

This quick-service favorite of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa provides a spacious setup with plenty of seating both indoors as well as outside by the scenic marina. You can even see Cinderella Castle, across Seven Seas Lagoon, at the Magic Kingdom when choosing to dine al fresco. Open around the clock, the menu features primarily American classics, like sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and more. But they also boast a couple of house specialties as well. Breakfast is a fairly traditional affair, dishing up all those well-loved conventional offerings.

Gasparilla Grill

Credit: Pixie Dusted Journeys

In addition to being a great place to have a meal, Gasparilla is greatly known for its various lighter bites and snacks—perfect for providing just the right pick-me-up throughout the day. It’s also worth noting that they boast a broad range of specialty coffees that could give any cafe a run for its money.


Credit: Disney Daily Dime

7. Contempo Café

With a location that quite literally steps away from the hotel’s Monorail tracks, Contempo Café garners praise as a longtime favorite food court, which can be found at Disney’s one and only Contemporary Resort. This may, in fact, be one of the most convenient go-to quick-service spots within the Magic Kingdom Resort Area and has a pretty profuse menu that can cater to just about all tastes and interests, including those who are adhering to special diets.

You have plenty of pickings among well-loved American classics, such as sandwiches, salads, flatbread pizzas, rice bowls, and so much more. And because they are open around the clock, they too feature fabulous breakfast hits, ranging from the traditional staples to more unique features, like their specialty Grilled Breakfast Sandwich, done up on griddled toasted challah bread, as well as their plant-based Breakfast Tofu Bowl.

As is the case, the selection of grab-and-go items is plentiful, making the efficiency of a quick stop and go from Resort to Park something to brag about. But if you do wish to stay a while, there’s a vast amount of spacious, comfy seating all around.

Contempo Cafe

Credit: Disney

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6. Roaring Fork

Following along with the ruggedly wild theme that Disney’s Wilderness Lodge purveys so perfectly is this anchoring quick-service spot—a diamond in the rough, so to speak. Appearing somewhat small and unassuming at first, it more than makes up for its lack in size by providing some pretty robust renditions of classic comfort food concoctions around the clock, with everything made-to-order. Their Lumberjack Platter is one featured favorite for countless fans, along with their Western Chicken Strips, 10-Hour Smoked Pulled Pork Sandwich, and more, including their plant-based Zesty Slaw “Burger” on a Brioche Bun. They also serve breakfast all day, with their Chicken and Waffles featured as a resounding hit.

While Guests will find plenty of seating right inside the dining room area, one of the best ways to take in the bucolic bounty of the Resort here is by opting to take your meal to the covered outdoor seating area.

Roaring Fork

Credit: Disney

5. The Mara

Another wildly delightful quick-service Resort option we just can’t pass on is the Mara. Found over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and rightfully named after the Masai Mara National Reserve in Tanzania, this well-stocked food court offers up both regionally specific cuisine direct from the African continent along with those familiar favorites you know and love so well. From their Marrakesh Falafel Platter to their Tamarind Barbecue Pork Sandwich, Braai Chicken Flatbread to Chickpea Salad Sandwich, there are some pretty interesting features worth noting here.

Open throughout the day, there’s plenty to enjoy at any meal, including traditional breakfast fixings and late-night eating. Want something unique in the way of treats? They have those, too, including those highly hailed Zebra Domes you’ve heard so much about. And let’s not forget about those refreshing smoothies and coffee beverages we can’t get enough of!

You’ll find the Mara on the ground level floor of the Resort’s Jambo House location. The indoor seating location encompasses a wondrous wetland/grassland theme, with colorful mural displays and a soothing ambiance. Do take note that there is plenty of outdoor seating as well, with umbrellas and a shady oasis-like setting.

The Mara

Credit: Disney

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4. Capt. Cook’s

In getting back to the convenience of quick-service dining designations within the range of the Magic Kingdom, Resort Area is this longtime favorite, found on location at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. While the Polynesian is famous for being host to such establishments as Kona Café, ’Ohana, Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, and Pineapple Lanai (among many other go-to favorites), Capt. Cook’s is somewhat of a “popular” best-kept secret.

Faithful fans can attest to the tempting array of specialty items to be found on the menu here, though. Sure, you can enjoy all the usual comforts you know and love so well, but take note of their palatable Polynesian fusions as well. Their Aloha Pork Sandwich and Pulled Pork Nachos are especially popular, as well as their Thai Coconut Meatballs and Pan-Asian Noodles and Vegetables. And for those craving that hard-to-find contested Tonga Toast of legendary fame, this is your ultimate breakfast go-to!

Like the rest of the Resort, the eatery keeps a South Seas theme with two indoor seating spaces. There are also ample tables and chairs right outside the doors for those looking to dine in the fresh open air.

Capt. Cook's

Credit: Your First Visit

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3. Primo Piatto

Those looking for a great quick-service spot over at Disney’s Riviera Resort know that Primo Piatto is the place to head to. Open around the clock, it’s another diverse setup where you can find tasty tantalizations of an Italian-French fusion. Their pizzas are among the most popular offerings, with sandwiches like the Croque Monsieur (served hot) and Spicy Italian (served cold) also garnering praise. Not to be outdone is the Tuna Niçoise Salad and plant-based Grilled Vegetable Skewer.

Breakfast also provides for an abundance of novelties in addition to traditional classics. Some of the more unique spins worth noting include their Blueberry-Lemon Pancakes, Cinnamon Crumble French Toast Bread Pudding, and Plant-based Egg Platter, along with Plant-based Sausage.

While the food speaks for itself, there’s plenty to be said about the eatery’s ambiance as well. An unexpected combination of chic modern style and vintage charm complement one another here in a way that works so well. And those black and white photos of Walt Disney on his travels worldwide intricately weave the motif together perfectly. This is definitely a place you’ll want to sit a while at.


Credit: Resorts Gal

2. Pizza Window BoardWalk

If counter-service pizza is what you’re going for, then you may want to take note of this favored ordering window right on location at Disney’s BoardWalk. Open during lunch and dinner hours, it pretty much goes without saying that this is a convenient one to boot. Order a slice of your favorite selection, along with a side salad or mini cannoli. They also boast several great drink accompaniments as well.

Pizza Window

Credit: Disney

While we can agree that this option is far more limited than those others we have covered so far, it is still a favorite with fans, just the same. But for those looking for more varied options, there’s also the nearby BoardWalk Deli—a newer establishment that’s already attracting eager eaters and may well go down as the next best quick-service spot to add to this lineup.

BoardWalk Deli

Credit: Disney

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1. Landscape of Flavors

As far as Value Resort eateries go, and by extension Disney Resort eateries in general, this food court over at Disney’s Art of Animation truly stands out above the rest. While there’s also a lot to be said about neighboring Everything POP at Disney’s Pop Century Resort, Landscape of Flavors truly offers an abundant array of diverse options to satisfy even the pickiest diners.

Landscape of Flavors

Credit: Resorts Gal

Set up via multiple serving stations, Guests have a plethora of picks available to them throughout the day. And the flavorful fixings truly outdo even those at many Deluxe Resort establishments. Adding to the flavorful format is the equally appealing eye candy to be found in the whimsical, artistic décor woven throughout the various dining areas. The spacious setup works well, especially given the fact that this is understandably a popular go-to you’ll want to stay a while at.


Credit: Disney Daily Dime

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This is just a sampling from a long line of quality quick-service locations to take delight in at Disney World Resorts. And depending on your specific tastes, you may have others to add to the list. In truth, Resort food courts at Disney World go above and beyond the usual at other hotel accommodations, no question. And with the increasing convenience of mobile ordering, quick service is now even quicker than ever before. To sum it all up, without all the pomp and circumstance, the standards for quick-service Resort dining at Disney are just unbeatable, plain and simple.

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