“Authoritarianism is Hard”: Critics Call Out DeSantis as New Developments Will Cost Board $1300 Per Hour

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Every day, new information about the Disney vs. DeSantis dispute comes to light, further complicating an already fraught situation. By this point, Disney Fanatics are well aware of the battle that rages on in the Sunshine state relating to the Central Florida mainstay, the Walt Disney World Resort. Ever since the “Don’t Say Gay” debacle that took hold of the Disney community last year—first for then Disney CEO Bob Chapek not speaking out as many believed he should, to then many criticizing him for getting involved in Florida’s political issues—it has been cropping back up time and again.

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Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort/Courtesy of Disney

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This situation has developed so much that outlets have even taken to writing satirical articles about what’s going on, raising the valid question of whether this situation has dragged on far too long. However, irrespective of what we do or don’t believe about this current fight Disney has found itself embroiled in with Governor DeSantis and the specially appointed board, the latest is that it will cost a pretty penny for the board to sue the Mouse House as it’s threatened.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger; Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World; Florida Gov Ron DeSantis

As reported by Business Insider, “It’s going to cost Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and his handpicked board nearly $1,300 per hour in legal fees to investigate how Disney found a loophole in the governor’s plan to take over the company’s governing rights over Disney World.”

Per the agenda from the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District’s recent meeting this past Wednesday, two letters from law firms agreeing to represent Governor Ron DeSantis in his fight against Disney detail the costs of this fight, and it’s as follows. Cooper & Kirk, and Lawson “will represent the District regarding certain constitutional and contract matters and potential legal challenges.” Cooper & Kirk is set to bill the Florida government $795 per hour and Lawson at $495 per hour. This means the cost per hour for both firms will add up to at least $1,290 for their services.

Of course, some analysts believe that rather than DeSantis, Disney will be the one to pay for the state of Florida’s legal fees as it could be drawn from the tax dollars Disney pays to Reedy Creek, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. 

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Moana Meet and Greet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park / Credit: Disney

Considering how this fight is developing, many have criticized the Florida Governor for this move, saying that the turn of events is a “reality check” and that “Authoritarianism is hard.”

Fans have also taken to Twitter to corroborate this sentiment and add their own analyses:

On the other hand, the board itself is notably upset with the Mouse House as they feel the move undermines them and may not be legally permissible though Disney’s lawyers have noted that there is nothing untoward in the legality of the agreement. And Disney certainly hires the best of the best.

While this issue has now taken yet another turn, only time will tell what the future holds for the Sunshine state and the Walt Disney Company.

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