12 Most Decadent Snack Foods At Magic Kingdom

What’s not to like about snacking? It can be cheaper and quicker than the alternative of counter and table service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom. It allows you to experience a wide variety of different sweet, sour, tangy, and tasty treats! Everywhere you look there is a cart, a counter, or a restaurant offering you something delicious. It can seem overwhelming, but the following is our listing of our favorite, must-have snack foods in the Magic Kingdom!

Main Street, U.S.A.

12. Popcorn Every time I walk into the Magic Kingdom, I experience a sort of “nasal euphoric overload” which sometimes leads to me immediately getting a snack. The first culprit is the Disney popcorn cart. There are many spread throughout Magic Kingdom (as well as the rest of the parks), but something about the scent of warm butter and the light sprinkling of salt just makes me stomach rumble.

11. Confectionary Cookies, Brownies and Other Treats! If I can muster the self-control to get past the popcorn cart, the next culprit is the Main Street Confectionary. There is an amazing selection of hand-crafted marshmallow rice treats drizzled with chocolate and adorned with a variety of candies. They also serve a variety of classic bakery treats like cookies and brownies. Other menu items include candy apples and a wide selection of fudge and Goofy’s Taffy.

10. Sundae’s At the tail end of Main Street, U.S.A., there is the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. I love stopping here on a hot afternoon after lunch for something cold. You can craft your own personal sundae to enjoy yourself or to share! You can also get some of this ice cream for dessert when dining at the Plaza Restaurant (an often overlooked restaurant that offers tremendous taste and value)!


9. Dole Whip Adventureland is home to Aloha Isle and the incomparable Dole Whip. The pineapple soft-serve often creates a long line in the afternoon. It is a quintessential Disney snack, but if pineapple is not pleasing to your palette, be sure to head down to the Sunshine Tree Terrace. Sunshine Tree Terrace offers a variety of flavored slushes and ice creams, as well as a variety of drinks. It also tends to have a smaller line than the more popular Aloha Isle.

There is much debate as to where is better to get your frozen treats, but be sure to stop by one of these places on every trip to the Magic Kingdom.


8. Mickey Pretzel There are many must-dos in Frontierland. Sitting atop my list is the Mickey pretzel. These pretzels are available throughout Magic Kingdom and the parks. It is a great snack to grab while walking between attractions and it always seems to have other members of my family grabbing for a bite (even those who claimed not to be hungry).

7. Turkey Legs If you still have room in your stomach, other classics available in Frontierland are corn dogs, churros, and the infamous turkey legs. Everybody has their favorite “fair food” and will probably show an affinity to one selection or another, but nothing beats a fresh Mickey pretzel with cheese!

Liberty Square

6. Waffle Sandwich Until recently, I usually quickly bypassed most of what Liberty Square had to offer until I discovered the Sleepy Hollow. If you walk past quickly, it is easy to write this spot off as a place that serves just funnel cakes and ice cream. The real treat at Sleepy Hollow, however, is the amazing waffle sandwiches they serve. The best time to stop by Sleepy Hollow is at lunch time – my favorite is the sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich! It may sound a little odd, but it definitely worth the space in your stomach!


Fantasyland has a wide selection of counter-service and table-service restaurants that offer a variety of food, but for true snack foods, I recommend you head to the Friar’s Nook and Gaston’s Tavern.

5. Pot Roast Macaroni And Cheese Friar’s Nook is a great place that offers up classic food (burgers and hot dogs), but offers it in an inventive way. My favorite snack from Friar’s Nook is the pot roast macaroni and cheese. It is a delicious twist to regular macaroni and cheese.

4. Cinnamon Roll Gaston’s offers two amazing snack choices – the pork shank and a warm, gooey cinnamon roll. Both are great snacks. Gaston’s also offers healthier snacks if you are looking for that.

3. Sweet Tooth Satisfier! The last place you may want to stop in Fantasyland is Big Top Souvenirs located in Storybook Circus. The store features clothes and other trinkets to buy, but also features sweet treats similar to what is offered at the Main Street Confectionary. So, if you passed it up on Main Street (or you just need something more to satisfy your sweet tooth), this is a must-do!

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2. Hot Dogs And Pretzels My pick for Tomorrowland and my snacking place would be the Lunching Pad. It features different hot dogs that are easy to grab and go, as well as the classic Mickey pretzel and a cream cheese version.

1. Cold Treats If you are looking for something a little more sweet, Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies has a great selection of sundaes, floats, and smoothies.

The Magic Kingdom has amazing snack choices that are kind to your tastebuds, belly, and your wallet. Whether you are looking for a salty snack or something to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll be sure to find something to enjoy! What is your favorite place to grab a snack at Magic Kingdom?

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