DeSantis’ Disney Board Member Must Officially Resign After Ethics Violation

Glen Gilzean resign
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It looks like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will have to find a replacement for one of his administrators soon. Glen Gilzean, a Central Florida Tourism Oversight District Board member and Chairman of the Florida Commission on Ethics, has been told by the Ethics Commission’s lawyers that he has a clear conflict of interest between the two jobs. The revelation has now pushed Gilzean into a precarious situation, facing the reality that he must resign from one of his esteemed positions.

Bob Iger, Glenton Gilzean, Ron DeSantis in front of Cinderella Castle, Disney World

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Glen Gilzean Violates Ethics Commission Policy

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the lawyers’ response left little room for ambiguity, declaring that Gilzean directly violates a state law under his Ethics Commission role. It dictates that “No member may hold any public employment.” This stark conflict of interest arises from Gilzean’s dual roles, serving as a public employee on the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board while simultaneously chairing the Florida Commission on Ethics.

This clash came to light recently, sparking immediate calls for Gilzean to resign. The public consensus has been clear: Gilzean’s attempt to continue in both capacities is untenable. Many voices have risen, calling for his resignation to preserve both institutions’ integrity and uphold the principles of transparency and accountability that the ethics commission embodies.

Legal Analysis Confirms Resignation

In response to mounting scrutiny, Gilzean had sought legal counsel to navigate his way out of this predicament. He contacted the ethics commission’s lawyers, requesting a written legal opinion to determine the best course of action moving forward. Their response is likely a blow to the problematic board member.

Gilzean seeking legal opinion

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Prominent figures, including Commissioner Jim Waldman and Michael Barfield, director of public access initiatives for the Florida Center for Government Accountability, have weighed in on the matter. Both have expressed concerns over the inherent conflict presented by Gilzean’s dual roles, emphasizing the need for transparency and preventing conflicts of interest in such positions.

The situation has created even more drama for Governor DeSantis and Disney. Gilzean has yet to comment on which position he intends to give up. However, he does receive a salary of $400,000 a year on the Disney Board, which will likely be a definitive factor in his decision.

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