Disney Adults Under Fire AGAIN In Viral TikTok

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In a TikTok that has since gone viral, Disney Adults were under fire again for their choice to go to a Disney Park.

Disney Adults have become one of the least popular groups on the internet. The term became popular enough for publications like Rolling Stone and¬†Insider to write articles about the phenomenon. What’s more? Disney¬†Adults¬†who frequent Disney Parks and Resorts like¬†Magic Kingdom¬†Park¬†or¬†Animal Kingdom¬†Park¬†in¬†Walt¬†Disney¬†World¬†Resort and Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park in Disneyland Resort¬†have been topics¬†of contention in recent months due to their¬†bad behavior.

Disney Adults

Disney Adults/Disney

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Now, they’re under fire again.

Last week, TikTok user Jay‚ÄĒ@journeywizard‚ÄĒshared a TikTok from Grand Teton National Park, with the video text reading, “Places like this exist yet people would still rather visit Disney.”

Check it out:


This place is more magical than Disney #grandtetonsnationalpark #grandtetons #wyoming

‚ô¨ Forever – Labrinth

In the video, Jay questions why any Guest would choose to visit Disneyland Resort or Walt Disney World Resort when natural wonders like Grand Teton exist in the United States.

Folks online stepped in, adding their defense of these Disney adults who frequent the Parks, “Yeah the outdoors is sick, but Disney is pretty cool too. People should experience BOTH! ?,” @hullsome wrote.

The comedian Erin Hattamer stitched the video adding her thoughts with the caption, “I believe in EPCOT supremacy.”


#stitch with @journeywizard I believe in Epcot supremacy #disney #disneyworld #epcot #epcotdrinkingaroundtheworld

‚ô¨ Forever – Labrinth

Hattamer’s defense of Disney Parks was true to her comedic background, “Listen, I hear you, and I respect your opinion, but have you ever gotten wasted at a children‚Äôs Park at 11 different fake countries and then go on a boat ride where three animated birds talk to you in Spanish?”

Jay didn’t further engage on the topic and comment on Hattamer’s video, but it is worth noting that there are a ton of incredible places well worth visiting for the cost of a Disney vacation.

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