Disney Dad Training: 5 Child-Carrying Pro Tips for Every Park Scenario

Disney Dad
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Disney dads are built differently. They have no choicenavigating Walt Disney World crowds with kids in tow is no joke. From hauling Park bags stocked with water bottles to fireman-carrying crying kiddos back to the Resort, it’s only possible for dads to enter Disney with some proper prep.

While a well-kept itinerary, eyes on Genie+, advanced dining reservations, and an onsite Disney Resort are successful Disney family trip essentials, none can prepare parents for the physical upheaval in the Parks.

Kids of all ages must adopt track star capabilities to survive rope-dropping at Magic Kingdom. The heat index at Walt Disney World reaches thermometer-bursting temperatures in July and August. Not to mention Park crowds require pivoting and (Donald) ducking and rolling to safely guide kiddos without the risk of getting lost under a stampede of Disney Guests.

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Strollers are necessary for little ones in the Parks, but there’s no telling when your child might boycott them for a cradled carry to the monorail. With unpredictable weather, crowds, and moods, Disney dads are in for a magical marathon like no other, and Bren Torr did the good dad deed of sharing his training techniques for a Park day with littles.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

On TikTok, Bren Torr (@brenyourfren) posted a viral video demonstrating how dads must prep for Disney. The only way to capture the intensity level of a Park-hopping day is in full motion, and Torr took to the treadmill to help train other dads virtually.

With the help of his adorable assistant, his daughter, he displayed five different child-carrying techniques for dads to perfect before a Disney trip. Check out the full video here:


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♬ Let’s Go To Disney – Fairview

While Torr demonstrates, let’s break down the scenarios he references in his video.

1. The Normal Hold

Typically seen early on in the day for Disney dads in the wild, this position involves an eager kiddo that likely has a full belly and energy tank. Both dad and daughter are bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and ready to take on the Park day.

2. Over the Shoulder Parade View

Little ones usually need a boost to catch glimpses of their favorite Disney characters strutting down Main Street, U.S.A., in Magic Kingdom. The difficulty level ticks up here because your child might want to hop on your shoulders before the parade begins. While still doable, this position might be dicey for those with back problems (or anyone over 25).

3. We’re Going to Miss the Show/Parade Pt. 1

Bathroom breaks and ride queues make parade-viewing goals harder to reach than anticipated at Disney. Every Disney dad has had to switch from the leisurely “Parade View” hold to the frantic one demonstrated here. The child is seen draped over the Disney dad’s shoulder in a more urgent effort to snag a parade spot.

Disney Dad

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4. We’re Going to Miss the Show/Parade Pt. 2

Sometimes you’re caught making a trek from the Dumbo ride to Main Street, U.S.A., which means your over-the-shoulder carry will weigh you down by the time you make it to the parade. In the fourth position, the child drops into more of a cross-body hold to arrive safely at the parade destination.

5. Going Home

Perhaps the most bittersweet carrying style Disney dads practice is this one. The Park is dark (as long as there were no mid-afternoon tantrums), the magic memories were made, and your little one is ready to catch some Z’s at the Resort. This is a simple cradle hold, but it still might be tough on your arms after achieving positions one through four throughout the day.

While Walt Disney World vacations are a team effort, Disney dads tend to carry the weight of the supplies, bags, and kiddos. Whether you’re a dad or love a dad prepping for your first or 100th Disney trip, you’re appreciated for your role as a child-carrying pro.

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